16 September 2015

Mentor Graphics Acquires Calypto Design Systems

WILSONVILLE, Ore., September 16, 2015 – Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT) today announced that it has acquired its majority-owned subsidiary, Calypto Design Systems, Inc.

Calypto will be merged into Mentor as a standalone business unit, an organizational decision demonstrating Mentor’s commitment to the future potential of Calypto’s products and technologies.

Badru Agarwala, a pioneer in design and verification improvements and the former CEO of both Axiom Design Automation and Frontline Design Automation, will assume the role of General Manager of the Calypto business unit.

Accelerating the Momentum

When the Catapult® technology and resources were originally transferred to Calypto in 2011, it was with the goal of creating an integrated high-level synthesis (HLS) and C-to-RTL verification flow. Four years later this goal has been accomplished. During that time Catapult became the only HLS tool that can automatically generate production-quality RTL from a C/C++ and SystemC description, establishing Catapult as the technology and market leader. The readiness of customers such as Google, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and STMicroelectronics to publically discuss their production results using Catapult at events like the Design Automation Conference (DAC) shows just how impactful the technology is.

The successful integration of Catapult with Calypto’s SLEC® technology will provide customers with the best solution for C-to-RTL verification regardless of their system-level design language of choice.

Calypto’s power optimization platform, PowerPro® is seeing strong adoption at leading edge semiconductor companies. PowerPro is a full suite of RTL power optimization tools featuring new RTL power analysis capabilities, production-proven optimization techniques for reducing dynamic and leakage power in the logic, memory, and embedded processor section of a SoC, and is the only solution that provides sequential formal equivalence checking.

“Calypto has been on a great path with its superior technology”, stated Badru Agarwala, general manager of the Calypto business unit at Mentor Graphics. “The Catapult LP flow integrates power optimization technology in HLS and provides the foundation for what the industry is seeking – a fully integrated flow from C to power-optimized RTL. Calypto has been working with leading customers to solve the challenges of FinFET-based design, and its newest power product will be a breakthrough in design-for-low power.  The combination of Calypto’s amazing engineering resources and Mentor’s worldwide field organization and market leadership will accelerate the adoption and make sure that we accelerate the momentum.”

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