Digital Enterprise Industry Solutions for Agricultural OEMs

Agricultural OEMs are remaking themselves in an era of digital disruptions sweeping the industry. Increasing product complexity, escalating safety and emissions regulations, and heightened competition put pressure on OEMs to innovate faster. Our solutions are built on open standards to allow for seamless integration across product development disciplines.

Digital Enterprise Industry Solutions for Agricultural OEMs

Agricultural OEMs are remaking themselves in an era of digital disruptions sweeping the industry. Increasing product complexity, escalating safety and emissions regulations, and heightened competition put pressure on OEMs to innovate faster. Our solutions are built on open standards to allow for seamless integration across product development disciplines.

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Designing entire concrete production plants for shipment inside a standard container, company expands into new markets

Designing entire concrete production plants for shipment inside a standard container, company expands into new markets

ODISA realizes a 50 percent faster design-throughmanufacturing process

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Lifecycle Management

A lifecycle approach to process and data management is critical to meet these challenges regardless of how your business contributes value to the industry.  Our solution improves how manufacturers manage change, execute work processes, drive quality, and connect to external suppliers and customers. Our lifecycle management approach to centralizing technical information, keeping it up to date, and accessible means knowledge workers can be more efficient and achieve higher levels of performance.

Gestion de projets

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Engineer To Order Process Automation

Our ETO process automation solution provides a powerful rule authoring environment and repository that allows domain experts to capture rules and best practices used to engineer and bid ETO products, reducing the manufacturing cost of configured products.

Reliability, Functional & Systems Safety

Reliability and System Safety for the Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment Industry leverages an integrated “Design for Support” approach which increases the machinery system reliability while decreasing the maintenance and logistics footprint, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Verification Management

Our Verification Management Solution for the Heavy Equipment Industry combines unique capabilities for integrated simulation and test management with plant simulation for manufacturing and manufacturing planning and execution, all while insuring complete closed loop requirements traceability.

Powertrain Mechanical Design

Powertrain Mechanical Design for the Heavy Equipment Industry combines advanced simulation capabilities and best-in-class generative design software to create a state-of-the-art modeling environment to quickly assess the efficiency of powertrain designs.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering for the Heavy Equipment Industry leverages an Integrated product development strategy, where software (both embedded and non-embedded) development is part of a multi-discipline approach, enabling closed-loop performance assessment. Providing bi-directional integration between ALM and PLM which helps to build the complete digital twin.

Conception et fabrication additives

Notre solution Additive Manufacturing and Design pour le secteur des équipements lourds offre des applications logicielles intégrées pour la fabrication additive, qui vous permettent de réimaginer vos produits, remodeler vos processus de fabrication et repenser vos modèles économiques.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Our solution offers an easy-to-use, secure platform for interacting with suppliers, even those outside of your PLM environment. A holistic view of product structure, including supplier data, is available by storing and providing product data in a centralized database.

Manufacturing Process Planning & Simulation

Manufacturing Process Planning and Simulation for the Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment industry is designed to enable manufacturing enterprises to manage their highly complex, configured-to-order product variations and produce them as required to meet regional and local regulations, as well as specific customer requirements.

Manufacturing Process & Data Management

The Manufacturing Lifecycle Management Solution for the Heavy Equipment Industry allows you to Manage all of the information defining your products, processes, production resources and plant facilities in a single source of manufacturing knowledge.

Tooling & Fixtures

Tooling and Fixtures Part Manufacturing solution for the Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment Industries offer a comprehensive set of fully integrated tools for part manufacturing from CAD/CAM, robotics, CNC machining, and CMM inspection through 3D printing.

Factory Layout, Line Design & Optimization

Our Factory Layout, Line Design and Optimization solution for the Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment Industries allows you to design, layout, and configure your factory environment, as well as optimize factory operations using digital 3D factory models and advanced software tools.

Production Planning & Scheduling

Production Planning and Scheduling Solution for the Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment Industry provides a suite of tools that helps planners, from owner-operators to equipment OEM’s to work together to optimize production processes within the digital enterprise to increase efficiency, flexibility and time-to market.

Integrated Quality Management

Our Quality Management solution provides manufacturers with the ability to improve quality and reduce costs along the entire product lifecycle by providing a closed-loop quality environment that will optimize operational efficiency and help to drive out waste and scrap, allowing you to build a best-in-class manufacturing operation.

Manufacturing Execution Management

Manufacturing Execution Management is a sophisticated, highly scalable Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that delivers the ability to combine global production efficiency with quality and visibility, as well as production optimization, ultimately resulting in higher manufacturing responsiveness.

In-service Data Management

In-service Data Management solution for the heavy equipment industry allows customers to manage the entire lifecycle of product configuration from concept to variants, from designed to manufacture and service.

Service Engineering & Support

Service Engineering and Support solution for the Heavy Equipment Industry lets you utilize existing product knowledge from design and simulation, while incorporating the experiences and requirements from the field to determine service requirements, service plans and service instructions, that need to be developed, validated, and documented prior to the delivery of your product.

Service Operations for Heavy Equipment

Service Operations for the Heavy Equipment Industry lets you work from previously defined service plans and asset status or from service demands which enable service organizations to generate service work orders, schedule service events, assign service tasks, support service technicians with information and task orders, and track to closure all service work required and performed.

Cabin Interior Design

Deliver greater innovation at higher quality and lower cost with comprehensive 3D cab design. Let our integrated and intuitive solution suite of broad and deep best-in-class capabilities enable your design team to balance operator functionality and safety with comfort and style. Quickly identify and design the high-strength structural cab exterior while determining the best solutions for operator visibility. Locate all the control and interface devices in a logical arrangement, recognizing the parallel needs of operator ergonomics along with multiple configurations and selection of customer-specified components. Create the most intuitive and flexible cab configurations with distinctive style and brand identity.

Next Generation Design for Heavy Equipment

Deliver greater innovation at higher quality and lower cost with comprehensive 3D product design. Our integrated and intuitive solution suite, with broad and deep, best-in-class capabilities, allows your design team to explore multiple machine or mechanism solution approaches and quickly arrive at the most cost-effective, innovative, functional products.

Quickly deliver innovative construction, mining, and agricultural machinery by using most comprehensive 3D design suite. Build larger, more sophisticated and comprehensive models that encompass all design features to overcome challenges of validating multi-configuration requirements.

Publication technique

La mondialisation, la demande de personnalisation et l'avènement de l'Industrie 4.0 ont grandement influé sur la complexité des machines industrielles ainsi que des équipements lourds. L'intégration des processus de développement et de gestion de documents dans un environnement de PLM vous permet d'aborder cette complexité avec plus d'efficacité. De cette manière, vous évitez les erreurs de doublons et la réutilisation d'informations obsolètes inhérentes au travail sur papier. Cette solution vous permet également de générer des contenus 2D et 3D plus riches, pour faciliter le partage des données aux utilisateurs finaux sur le support de leur choix.

Engineering Data Management

Industrial machinery and heavy equipment manufacturing is becoming more complex with the increasing requirements of embedded software and electronics content. Many manufacturers are challenged with these new and ever-changing needs. Manage multi-disciplinary machinery and equipment engineering teams with an integrated approach to engineering lifecycle management that leverages integrated requirements management, secure supplier collaboration and an engineering management platform that combines mechanical, electronic, software and simulation data into a single collaborative environment.

IoT & Lifecycle Analytics

Tirez parti de l’Internet des objets pour recueillir des informations provenant des machines opérant sur le terrain, dans les mines et sur les chantiers de construction (le « jumeau physique »). Combinez-les avec les connaissances techniques de la plate-forme d’innovation numérique (le « jumeau numérique ») afin d’acquérir les informations nécessaires pour prendre l’avantage sur vos concurrents.

Gestion du coût des produits

Les entreprises de machines industrielles et d'équipements sont soumises à une pression constante qui les pousse à baisser leurs coûts et se conformer à des réglementations gouvernementales de plus en plus strictes. Dans le monde entier, les spécifications personnalisées des utilisateurs influent sur les processus de livraison, de calcul des coûts et de contrôle de la qualité dans le secteur des machines industrielles et des équipements lourds. Nos solutions permettent de gagner en compétitivité grâce à un outil de calcul du coût des produits efficace, qui intègre un logiciel PLM performant à des outils de gestion des coûts précis.

Gestion de la conformité des équipements lourds

Pour être compétitifs, les fabricants mondiaux d’équipements lourds doivent se conformer aux exigences gouvernementales locales, nationales et mondiales en matière d’origine et de sélection des matériaux, de sécurité et d’émissions polluantes. Notre solution permet d'assurer la traçabilité, l'exactitude et la pertinence de la conformité.

Composites Engineering & Manufacturing

Take advantage of the promised weight reduction and style advantages of composite parts for your mining, construction and agriculture machinery by leveraging our advanced, integrated, proven solutions for advanced composite part development. Enable your engineering and manufacturing teams to confidently design and build with composites, knowing that our model-based definition, simulation and manufacturing solutions help them meet the strict requirements of your customers’ engineering challenges.

Fuel Economy & Energy Management

Energy management decisions influence a variety of factors in heavy equipment development, from fuel consumption and emissions to powertrain choices and thermal system performance, such as HVAC and cooling systems. This is why it is so important to make the right energy management decisions on the vehicle level early in the conceptual phase. Later in the process, the final design can be balanced to optimize driver thermal comfort and fuel efficiency as well. Engineers can turn to 1D and CFD solutions to provide the scalable simulation tools that can help make the right energy management choices right from the start.

Machine Performance Engineering for Heavy Equipment

The new norm for heavy equipment manufacturers is how to address massive, ever-increasing levels of complexity in machine design while improving the engineering process. Siemens simulation, and testing solutions can improve engineering accuracy and development productivity to help create the most comprehensive digital twin and meet the quality standards of the most complex heavy equipment products being produced today.

Operability & Productivity

Improve heavy equipment operability and productivity, and help your customers reduce operational costs. By combining system simulation tools, 3D analysis software including CFD, and testing solutions and services, our solution can help you during all stages of the development cycle - from selecting a design - to optimizing components and fine-tuning the control strategy, to testing the final product prototype.

Heavy Equipment Performance Engineering

The new norm for heavy equipment manufacturers is how to address massive, ever-increasing levels of complexity in machine design while improving the engineering process. Siemens simulation, and testing solutions can improve engineering accuracy and development productivity to help create the most comprehensive digital twin and meet the quality standards of the most complex heavy equipment products being produced today.

Collaborative Manufacturing for Heavy Equipment

Our collaborative manufacturing solution helps you unify global design, engineering and manufacturing teams so they are able to work on the same requirements, models and manufacturing process plans, while having the flexibility to meet local requirements. In this collaborative environment, you benefit from better simulation and optimization of manufacturing planning, optimized design and manufacturing processes, and manufacturing intelligence connected with product development.

Structural Integrity & Durability

Help your customers be more productive by delivering heavy equipment that can withstand higher loads and reducing downtime. Our simulation and testing solutions provide a complete and effective durability engineering process, from high-quality, automated load data acquisition and target setting, to load prediction on full product level, to stress and lifetime behavior assessment of components.

Noise & Vibration

Optimize noise and vibration performance to increase the comfort and safety of operators, passengers, and bystanders, and to comply with market-mandatory regulations. By providing a comprehensive set of advanced NVH and acoustic simulation and testing solutions, Siemens Digital Industries Software helps engineers calculate load transfer, optimize ride and in-cabin noise comfort, and validate the final prototype for ISO certification.

Digital Mockup, Virtual & Augmented Reality

Digital Mockup and Virtual/Augmented Reality for the Heavy Equipment Industry enables users to perform form, fit and function studies, as well as conduct design reviews by immersing themselves in the virtual world of the product’s digital twin to view and analyze the 3D model at the proper scale.

Fleet Maintenance & Analytics

Fleet Maintenance and Analytics Solution for Heavy Equipment builds on our remote diagnostic foundation to provide integrated analytics and fully integrated data management capabilities to predict fleet maintenance needs and provide field service teams with complete asset-specific information to minimize unplanned downtime.

Digital Powertrain

Our Digital Powertrain solution for the Heavy Equipment Industry, provides manufacturers the tools to deliver the next generation of high-performance drivetrains.  By combining advanced simulation capabilities with best-in-class generative design software and electrification, we provide advanced capabilities that allow for increased efficiencies when managing multi-domain solutions.

Product and Portfolio Management

Product and Portfolio Management for the Heavy Equipment industry delivers a comprehensive portfolio management solution that provides a single source of strategic direction, project information and assessment tools that you can leverage to better plan your product portfolio and drive project execution more effectively.


Poussé par la nécessité de réduire les émissions et le bruit, le marché des équipements lourds effectue une transition vers des systèmes de propulsion hybrides, électriques et même à hydrogène. Cette évolution a un impact sur toutes les étapes de la chaîne d'approvisionnement. Ces technologies nouvellement déployées dans le secteur des équipements lourds ont un impact important sur le processus d'ingénierie. Définir la conception d'une machine électrifiée la plus optimale est complexe et nécessite que les ingénieurs apprennent et fassent progresser leur expertise dans un nouveau domaine. Cette conception doit également permettre aux utilisateurs finaux dans le domaine de la construction, de l'agriculture ou de l'exploitation minière d'atteindre, voire, de dépasser les niveaux de performance habituels tout en garantissant que la machine respecte les normes plus strictes en matière de bruit et d'émissions de gaz à effet de serre.

Predictive Performance Engineering pour les équipements lourds

Travaillez avec les meilleures solutions de simulation et d'IoT de leur catégorie pour élaborer la prochaine génération de machines. Intégrez la conception multi-physique, la simulation, les tests et l'analyse des données de terrain dans des flux de travail communs et connectés pour produire des résultats précis plus rapidement, grâce à Predictive Performance Engineering de Siemens.

Accelerated Equipment Design for Heavy Equipment

Accelerated Equipment Design helps OEMs address challenges that slow down equipment design, such as dealing with many design variants, increased complexity, regulatory compliance, and disconnected workflows.

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Agriculture equipment for today’s precision farming needs

The agriculture industry is under pressure. Its share in climate change is substantial and calls for action. Resources become scarce. Land is being overexploited. And urbanization causes water management problems, while it drives people, especially the younger generation, out of the rural areas, which results in a labor shortage. Meanwhile, the global population keeps growing. By 2050, our global population will reach roughly 9.77 billion people, or about twice the current population of China more than today, all with their own food habits and preferences that continuously change.

Producing more food, faster, with fewer resources in a sustainable way – a seemingly impossible discord. But the revolutionary innovations this requires appear to come just in time. Emerging digital technologies, including 5G, cloud, IoT, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence are finding their way into agricultural engineering. New capabilities arise almost daily, most of them being relatable to one or more of the following key objectives: smart farming, connected work sites, and autonomous operations. During the coming decade, such agricultural engineering applications will completely reshape the technology and business landscape of the agriculture industry.

Smart farming using autonomous tractors is the future of farming

Agriculture equipment OEMs cannot afford to miss out. Upgrading their fleet by following those digital trends will be mandatory to stay in business. To be successful, they need capabilities that let them, on the one hand, effectively master all the additional complexity that comes along with those innovations, but, at the same time, let them secure their daily business with timely delivery of mainstream agriculture equipment. With the Xcelerator solutions from Siemens Digital Industries Software, agriculture equipment OEMs can successfully navigate through this complex transition period. Our digital twin and digital thread approaches help manufacturers accelerate the design and delivery of any agriculture equipment type, from mainstream to advanced.

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