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Paris Air Show 2019

Evènement | 17 juin 2019 08:30 AM CET- 06:00 PM CET (7 DAY EVENT)
Chalet # 59, Le Bourget, France

53rd International Paris Air Show, June 17-23

Aerospace manufacturers are striving to build more aircraft with shorter time to market while incorporating new materials and emerging technologies. Systems based solutions are required to enable efficient design, manufacturing, certification and service planning for your program. Consistent and integrated program planning and execution solutions are essential to meeting cost, schedule and technical objectives winning new business.

We invite you to meet with Siemens PLM Software leaders at our chalet at the Paris Air Show to discuss how digitalization powered by Siemens delivers a holistic and adaptable approach that connects every step along the value chain, from the initial conceptual design to the completed product and into service.

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