Simulating powertrain acoustics

Webinar a la carta | 57 minutos

Emission norms and increasing fuel prices are driving automotive OEMs and suppliers to look for breakthrough innovations in powertrain design for internal combustion engines. Join us for an educational webinar that will cover the topic of simulating powertrain acoustics.

There has been a clear trend for downsizing over the past several years, for instance: switching from four to three or even two cylinders to make engines more ecofriendly. Such new architectures will clearly result in new noise and vibration issues. Turbochargers, injectors and (fuel) pumps, which are added or further optimized to maximize the engine’s power output, are also sources of increased acoustic radiation.

This webinar will address the following concerns:

  • How can I setup an efficient process to obtain vibro-acoustic predictions for tens of engine designs and find the optimal solutions overnight?
  • How do I simulate whining noise from electric motors?
  • Can I also simulate the noise of my engine or electric motor in installed conditions, taking into account the enclosure of the engine bay including the sound treatments used?
  • Is it possible to make my air intake lighter and still have good NVH performance?
  • Which simulation methods are available today and best fit for addressing particular noise issues in powertrains, related not only to engine but also to fuel rails, injectors and turbochargers?
  • Can I use measurements data in my NVH simulation process to make them more efficient?