Siemens Academic Simulation Day - Summit Replay

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Bridging the gap between the academic and industrial worlds is more crucial than ever. Preparing the future generation of engineers for a highly demanding, multi-disciplinary work field is essential. At Siemens Digital Industries Software, we strongly believe that gathering the digital engineering academic stakeholders during a single-day event offers a unique opportunity to inspire and get inspired by each other’s experiences and visions.

Siemens Academic Simulation Day
Siemens Academic Simulation Day

Part 1, Welcome, 10:52
Part 2, The Necessity Of Simulation In Supporting The Energy Transition, 32:32
Part 3, How Simulation Supports New Production Technologies -Additive Manufacturing, 47:43
Part 4, How Simcenter Supports Zero-Emission Aviation - Project Dragonfly, 33:07
Part 5, Structural Analysis Process Of A Wingbox, 20:02
Part 6, Simcenter 3D - Smarter Model Buildup, 51:17
Part 7, Validation Of Propeller Aerodynamics For Large Multicopters, 22:08
Part 8, Simcenter 3D Product Update - Version 2020.2 And 2021.1, 53:17