On-demand Session 5: ROBOTICS: Maximize the productivity and safety of automated guided vehicles (AGV)/ autonomous mobile robots (AMR) using Multiphysics Simulations

Webinar a la carta | 67 minutos

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Automated guided vehicles and Autonomous mobile robots promise flexibility, productivity, maneuverability, and safety while minimizing operational costs in the industry, warehouse, fulfillment centers, and civil/domestic applications.

However, developing an AGV that can be customized to meet the needs of various environments and driving spaces is complex and expensive. AGV/AMR original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) face several engineering challenges due to the intricate nature of the autonomous systems, the tight integration between physical hardware and control algorithms. Tight integration of automation, energy management, environment, sensor, and operation expertise during design is necessary to realize highly flexible and scalable AGV/AMRs.

Modern mobile robots including Automatic Guided Vehicle and Autonomous Mobile Robots are electrified vehicles that operate on battery. Efficient management of fleet autonomy and vehicle charging strategy is important to maintain a steady throughput.

Increasing AGV/AMR speed has a direct impact on vehicle stability and operational control. Using system simulation software, engineers can evaluate multiple scenarios (changing the shape of the trajectory, velocity, etc.) before committing to a prototype.

The virtual commissioning of an AGV/AMR digital mockup helps to develop control strategy in a risk-free environment. The digital model, when coupled with inputs from a real sensor, can be used for AGV monitoring to perform predictive maintenance tasks.

Story line:

  • Engineering Trends
  • Multiphysics simulations (Simcenter AMESIM and Simcenter Motion)  
    • System simulations
      • System/1d Simulation introduction 
      • Application to mobile Robots
        • Electronics/electric, Fluids, Mechanics
    • Validation: Test, Soundbrush (V-cycle)
    • Motion dynamics simulation
      • Multibody Simulation introduction to Simcemter Motion
      • Applications to mobile Robots
        • Key concept and Demo
    • Combining Multibody and System simulation
  • Customer success story
    • o Twinwheels   

The Speakers:

Francesca Furno

Business Development Simcenter, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Francesca is a mechanical engineer with a focus on hydraulics components and systems simulation. She earned her Masters in Mechanical Engineering and her PhD in Engergetic Systems from the Politecnico di Torino in Italy. She joined Siemens in 2016 where she helps customers in the automotive, heavy equipment, industrial machinery, and aerospace industries with simulation solutions.

Giulio Camauli

Giulio Camauli

Simcenter Industry Lead, Industrial Machinery, Siemens Digital Industries Software