On-demand Session 1: Machine Intelligent Performance Engineering from requirements to closed-loop validation

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Learn what Intelligent Performance Engineering (IPE) all is about!

Free Online Seminar Series for Industrial Machinery

Factories and plants around the world are looking at how digital transformation can help them innovate in response to changing customer demands, the adoption of new technology, and global competition. This is driving demand for more intelligent, flexible, configurable, and automated industrial machinery equipment. Industrial machinery companies will need to develop new design practices to keep pace with the growing complexity of these machines, and to ensure these variations are safe, cost-effective, and perform as designed. Each variation needs to be validated before it’s delivered to a customer. For example, in a bottle quality test machine that is being used to check for leaks, accommodating the machine for bottle size changes and varying speeds may require physical changes to the machine. This requires many simulations and tests to be performed to ensure the strength, safety, performance, efficiency, and reliability of the machine in each configuration.

One of the most important aspects of designing new industrial equipment or modifying an existing design lies in verifying and validating how it will perform before it reaches the customer. It costs significantly less to fix a problem that is found when it is being designed than later in the product development cycle.

In this session, we will explain what Intelligent Performance Engineering (IPE) all is about. In a nutshell, it is a connected digital thread that helps automate the processes of sharing information between design teams, analysts, production test teams, and service engineers. This allows teams to evaluate the capabilities and limitations of product variations in the most efficient way. An intelligent performance engineering solution focuses on improvements in simulation and test, design, and connectivity for machine builders.

Closing the loop between the different domains is essential for IPE: connecting requirements with the digital twin for performance engineering, connecting the digital twin with the physical twins (machines) in operation (IoT) for performance optimization, to even embedding the digital twin as a real-time executable to make the machines smarter.

Story line:

  • Key trends
  • Intelligent Performance Engineering
  • Integrated Design and Simulation
  • Multi-Physics Simulation
  • Closed-Loop Validation
  • Intelligent Performance Engineering Digital Thread

The Speakers:

Alex Vermeulen

Alex Vermeulen

Portfolio Development Simcenter TEST Solutions, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Giulio Camauli

Giulio Camauli

Simcenter Industry Lead, Industrial Machinery, Siemens Digital Industries Software