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Multiphase flow simulation to support Asgard field life extension

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Discover with Aker Solutions and Siemens how multiphase flow split can be predictively modelled with Simcenter STAR-CCM+ in subsea production

Asgard field subsea compression brought on stream

Offshore Asgard Subsea Compression was successfully brought on stream in September 2015 boosting the gas pressure from the Midgard and Mikkel fields. Going forwards with project phase 2, a possibility to increase the pressure ratio has been identified by means of introducing wet gas compression which is achieved by purposely injecting liquid upstream of each compressor.

This presentation will cover a co-operation between Aker Solutions and Equinor initiated with the goal of determining how a multiphase flow split can be predictively modelled with Simcenter™ STAR-CCM+™ software in the subsea framework. Measurements from subsea operations will be compared to purpose built Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models showing how high-fidelity simulations in Simcenter STAR CCM+ today can be used to predict the complex mechanisms behind a three-phase uneven flow split.

Speaker:  Andreas Martinsson

Aprenderá a:

  • Simcenter portfolio simulation capabilities dedicated to Oil & Gas industry
  • Simcenter STAR-CCM+ multiphase flow simulation capability
  • High-fidelity simulation correlation against test data

Andreas Martinsson

CFD Specialist Engineer, Aker Solutions

Andreas Martinsson holds key competence in multiphase flow and thermal applications within the CFD discipline in Aker Solutions. Since joining in 2012 he has contributed to evolving the use of CFD in Aker Solutions into a highly valuable tool applied across the whole product portfolio from well head through to the top side facility.