Integrated Program Planning and Execution

Webinar a la carta | 47 minutos

The presentation will show how all the artifacts needed to define and execute a program are connected creating the Digital Thread for program management.

Too often today the information required to successfully plan and execute a program is disconnected and in different systems and often doesn’t flow from the bid / planning phase to the execution phase. The amount of work required to keep all the information synchronized across these multiple systems is often enough that the information is not synchronized leading to misinformation and cost and schedule impacts.

This presentation will show a systems approach to project planning and execution that integrates cost, schedule, risk and technical requirements in a fully planned, resourced and budgeted program management solution. 

You will see:

  • How to more effectively plan and execute programs
  • How to create and use a “Common WBS” with all its associated data to create a program bid from history
  • The ability to completely integrate cost, schedule and technical requirements in a complete work package
  • Full support for Integrated Master Schedule, Integrated Master Plan, Statement of Work, Earned Value Management, contracts and contract changes, resource planning and complete program dashboard and reporting

David Riemer

VP - Aerospace and Defense Strategy, Siemens PLM Software

David joined Siemens five years ago as VP, Aerospace and Defense Strategy where he is responsible for ensuring that Siemens’ software solutions are optimum for the Aerospace and Defense industry. David has significant experience leading engineering, programs and business units in the Aerospace and Defense industry. Prior to joining Siemens, David spent 35 years in senior leadership positions in the Aerospace and Defense industry. He held the VP, Science and Technology position at ATK Launch Systems where he was responsible for the Space Shuttle Reusable Solid Rocket Motor and development of the world’s largest solid rocket motor. Prior to ATK, David spent 29 years at Raytheon holding the VP, Product Development and Engineering and VP, General Manager Government Business at the company’s aircraft segment.