Digital Platform for Product & Process Design and Formula Management

Webinar a la carta | 25 minutos

Digitalization changes everything, everywhere! Learn how to turn innovation risk into competitive advantage.

Formula Management for Innovation in Food and Beverage
Formula Management for Innovation in Food and Beverage

The Food & Beverage (F&B) market is required to move at a rapid pace, while simultaneously adapting to the growing consumer demand for sustainability, health, and food safety. Innovation efficiency improvement is becoming a competitive necessity, with the F&B market strongly exposed to growing pressure on price margins from consumers, from suppliers, from competitors. To survive and be successful in this environment, F&B companies must embrace state-of-the-art technology to retain leadership or expand their market presence.

A previous webinar has already introduced the value of digitalization in F&B, to help companies increase speed, flexibility, efficiency and quality. This new webinar will zoom in on the benefits of digitalizing product and process design and formula management. Rapid pace requires rapid innovation.

Attend this webinar to learn how your company can leverage today’s digital platforms to capitalize on your R&D investment. You will learn how Siemens’ fully integrated solutions can transform your product design processes. The digital twin for formulated product design and simulation allows you to:

  • Leverage R&D knowledge and facilitate intellectual property management
  • Meet business, nutritional and regulatory constraints and embed regulatory compliance
  • Develop with production in mind and enable production quality
  • Produce with improvement in mind and close the feedback loop to R&D