How CAD embedded Flow simulation reduces development time

Webinar a la carta | 54 minutos

Learn how to reduce development times up to 29% using simulation-driven design

Simcenter FLOEFD for NX

The cost of each engineering change increases with each step, from concept to production. By frontloading Flow and Thermal simulation, it becomes a method by which trends are examined, and less desirable design ideas are dismissed early in the design. It results in shorter development time, higher quality products, and less costly physical prototypes. Over 70% of best in class companies give their designer today access to simulation tools.

During this webinar, we will explain how:

  • Simcenter FLOEFD makes Flow/Thermal simulation accessible and easy to use by every designer.
  • flow/thermal simulation is integrated in NX, CATIA V5, Solid Edge, and Creo.
  • it is possible to explore hundreds of designs.


  • shorter development time
  • higher quality products
  • less costly physical prototypes
  • over 70% of best in class companies give their designers access to simulation tools

Voxdale, using Simcenter FLOEFD, will explain the benefits they see, illustrated by some examples.

This webinar takes place in partnership with Voxdale.


Voxdale is a design, engineering and research agency for mechanical and mechatronical applications in automotive, medical and industrial sectors. In its design and engineering process, Voxdale uses plenty of simulation, optimization and prototyping tools to look into early feasibility of ideas, to generate unique and disruptive concepts, and to minimize risks during industrialization.

Koen Beyers

CEO, Voxdale