NVH from eMotor - from electric current to noise

Webinar a la carta | 51 minutos

Close the loop and address emotor noise at concept phase

The high frequency tonal noise of electric motors is often perceived as annoying. Evidently, e-motor manufacturers are looking for solutions to address NVH early in the development cycle. But the complexity of motor types and configurations makes it particularly difficult to find the perfect trade-off between efficiency and NVH performance.

In this webinar, we explain how to achieve excellent NVH behavior, while perfectly balancing efficiency, torque and thermal management. To reduce motor noise to the target level and avoid high frequency tonal noise on critical frequencies, we offer 2 methodologies along the V-cycle:

  • NVH risk assessment at concept stage: Take NVH into account when sizing the electric & electromagnetic system and integrate with multi-physics system modeling such as thermal, controls, efficiency, performance. 
  • 3D simulation in detailed design stage: Close the gap between electric currents and noise radiation by combining and integrating electromagnetic, structural, transmission multibody and acoustic simulation in one environment.

Doing so, the risk of encountering NVH issues in later stages is radically reduced while the effect of all possible design modifications on NVH can be evaluated.

This webinar is designed for NVH, 3D CAE and electromagnetic user communities, from experts to analysts, who endeavour to create an e-motor sound and performance that fits their brand image.