Intralogistics solutions give electronics manufacturers the tools to master material logistics throughout the plant

Webinar a la carta | 45 minutos

Optimizing intralogistics in electronics manufacturing with a digital twin

Picture of a robot working as part of an Intralogistics system inside of a manufacturing plant

Electronics manufacturers must manage the complexity of smaller lot sizes with shorter lead times and increasing raw material costs. Supply chain issues and internal part shortages have increased warehouse stocks, leading to high investment costs.

In this challenging environment, any misuse of material can impact quality and profitability, making intralogistics and material flow within the factory more critical than ever. Manufacturers need a just-in-time (JIT) material logistics solution to allocate only the materials needed on the shop floor and eliminate excess stock.

Electronics manufacturers need to implement a lean solution using intralogistics automation to stay competitive. Learn more about Intraplant Logistics (IPL) in this webinar.