Digital Tools and the Final Frontier

Webinar a la carta | 58 minutos

Space may be the final frontier, but to reach this destination, engineers need robust Electrical and Electronic (E/E) systems. Discover how holistic, digital tools vastly improved one space company’s wire harness processes, ultimately helping them achieve first flight – a huge milestone in space transportation. Learn how to replicate this company’s success by tuning into our webinar.

Harnessing Complexity with a Comprehensive Approach

Rockets, satellites and other space vehicles often require hundreds to thousands of electrical wiring configurations, often with connectors, backshells and close-out assemblies. To sift through this complexity, Firefly Aerospace looked to digital E/E development tools. Armed with a robust E/E engineering solution, this space company gained integrated design and analysis, fully customizable workflows, intuitive user interfaces, among other notable features – helping them reorient wire harness processes for success.

Collaboration and Alignment Using the Digital Thread

Using digital E/E development tools, Firefly Aerospace was able to holistically transform their processes into a consolidated, single flow of information – known as the digital thread. Through the digital thread, Firefly Aerospace seamlessly transferred E/E system requirements and models between their systems, bringing their software, electrical and mechanical domains under one streamlined process, improving collaboration and time-to-market.

Rethinking Traditional E/E Systems Development

Prior to adopting comprehensive E/E systems development tools, Firefly Aerospace relied on manual methodology for creating wire harnesses. Due to the complex nature of electrical development, in conjunction with constant system updates, a great deal of resources and time were expended to create even a single E/E project. With the help of robust, digital tools, Firefly Aerospace adjusted their processes for the better – and you can too.

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