Digital lifecycle excellence for energy and utilities

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Achieving digital lifecycle excellence for energy, chemicals and mining

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Throughout the energy, chemical, and mining industries, companies have invested heavily in data management to drive reliability into the resulting analytics.

Industry after industry has learned from experience that applying a digital lifecycle approach to asset information management sets the stage for end-to-end innovation across the business, turning complexity into a competitive advantage.

Now it’s your turn. Join Siemens to discuss how excellence across your company’s digital lifecycle will be the foundation for your organization’s success.

Improve knowledge capture using capital asset lifecycle management in the energy industry

Applying a lifecycle approach to capital facilities allows information that originated from project engineering, construction, operations and maintenance to be available for your knowledge workers, so that they can make the right decisions on time. Industry megatrends such as energy transition, net zero, aging demographics and global pandemics have raised the importance of information capture and availability to a level never seen before. With a digital lifecycle excellence approach, businesses can get more value from their data today, while ensuring it's available to be the foundation that inspires innovation in the future.

Apply a systems engineering approach to support operational excellence

Connecting people and project environments with their asset information leads to a unified systems framework, that allows operations and performance engineering to collaborate and achieve targets more efficiently. Improve your staff's awareness of operational issues using a systems engineering approach with digital lifecycle excellence.

Reduce cost while improving data quality with integrated requirements management

Ensure detailed project requirements are consistently and accurately delivered to ensure higher-quality execution using a digital lifecycle excellence approach. By digitally transforming document-driven efforts (bid, tender, and specifications management) into digital processes that can be optimized and quickly audited, overall resource efficiency improves across the lifecycle.

Integrate core engineering and enterprise systems to improve collaboration

Quickly connect industrial ecosystems and internal knowledge sources via the cloud to produce new insights that solve business problems that are unique to your organization. By adding an easy-to-use, rapid application development capability that makes all your business and engineering data accessible, you can unleash the creativity of your knowledge workers to identify and explore opportunities that were previously hidden in your data.

Intense global competition, explosive market dynamics, and the industry’s energy transformation are all creating a level of business strain not seen in decades. Read this brief to learn how to build a higher level of digital enterprise competence to become the best in the energy and utility industry.