Optimization of Battery Thermal Management

Webinar a la carta | 56 minutos

Battery is one of the essential elements for the success of electrified vehicles and their broader democratization. To guarantee an optimal balance between safety, reliability, lifetime and performance, the battery system needs to be considered as a whole, with a special focus on the thermal management aspect. Increasing power demands and fast charging put batteries under thermal stress, thus requiring maintaining battery cells temperatures within in a very restricted range, whatever the environmental or operational conditions. Designing the most appropriate battery thermal management system while keeping costs, time and competitive edge under control requires the deployment of new engineering methodologies where simulation plays an important role. In this webinar, our experts will introduce a multi-physics system simulation approach that can support efficiently the design of battery thermal management systems by providing detailed information on the battery cells temperature within the pack for several cells technologies under different transient scenarios.

During this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a system simulation detailed model of a liquid-cooled battery pack with the support of 3D CFD inputs.
  • Assess battery cells temperatures during a fast-charge scenario.
  • Quickly change design parameters to optimize the cooling system so the meet the temperature requirements.
  • Combine the battery thermal management model with a vehicle to perform drive cycle scenarios.
  • Easily build reliable scalable models from limited available data.