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Supporting MBSE with airborne software compliance

Webinar a la carta | 54 minutos

Satisfying FAA regulations with speed and accuracy

Supporting MBSE with airborne software compliance
Supporting MBSE with airborne software compliance

Today, aerospace companies are faced with delivering greater software complexity, higher quality, and shorter delivery times, impacting the ability to deliver complex and innovative software solutions to fulfill customer demands. Critical to meeting accelerated delivery schedules while satisfying strict safety compliance standards are the efficient management and execution of the software development process. To address this, model-based systems engineering (MBSE) has been a methodology becoming popular lately that tackles many of the same challenges faced in the software development process.

Simplify traceability while adhering to agile methods

In the competitive environment of highly regulated avionics systems development in aerospace, application lifecycle management (ALM) for software must deliver immediate value, made possible with the essential building blocks of collaboration, traceability, and structured reuse. Verification and validation are driven and made possible by granular traceability enabling detailed forensics to answer who did what, why, and when.

This webinar presentation on accelerating DO178C aerospace software compliance shows how building key linking relationships between the various artifacts generated in the ALM process provides complete traceability for fast audit response. Also demonstrated will be the importance of automating workflows and processes to establish corporate governance throughout the ALM process for aerospace companies to support and complement MBSE processes and methods.

A&D experts demonstrate MBSE’s impact on software development

  • Larry Selby, Siemens Solutions Consultant for Aerospace and Defense
  • Thomas Behrens, Siemens Portfolio Development Executive for Aerospace and Defense

Key takeaways

  • Discover how to track and validate requirements through the entire SDLC process completely
  • Learn how to utilize and configure OTB reports specifically for aerospace DO178C submission and audit response
  • See how Siemens Polarion ALM provides an end to end software development solution enabling fast deployment with high quality