Eliminating aerospace certification gaps utilizing the electrical systems digital twin

Webinar a la carta | 30 minutos

Explore analysis tools to leverage the electrical system digital twin

Learn several analysis tools which leverage the electrical system digital twin reach design aircraft certification faster.

Today, the pace of aerospace innovation is staggering. The complexity of aircraft is maturing faster than ever before while the approach to aircraft certification and compliance remains archaic. Through use of the digital twin engineering and manufacturing teams design and build products better and faster than ever before. However, when developing a product that requires regulatory certification, this is only one-half of the solution. This webinar will discuss several analysis tools which leverage the electrical system digital twin to help reach design certification faster. Additionally, the connection of these tools to the digital twin helps engineering teams to validate their designs during the design phase.

Expediting certification via the digital twin

  • Observe new technology that aids in Electrical load analysis (ELA) and Wire derating
  • Learn automation to aid in EWIS compliance and signal separation
  • Understand autonomy in change management procedures
  • Review the complexities of configuration management and how it can be managed interactively

Who would benefit from this webinar on aerospace certification

  • Electrical engineers
  • Certification engineers
  • Program managers
  • Engineering management