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Accelerating DO178C Aerospace Software Compliance

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Accelerating DO178C Aerospace Software Compliance

An aircraft has between 2-7 million lines of code.

Aerospace companies are faced with delivering software with greater complexity, of higher quality, and in shorter delivery times. In this competitive and highly regulated environment, systems development requires software to deliver immediate value while ensuring compliance to safety standards. This is only possible with a unified application lifecycle management (ALM) solution that natively manages verification and validation as part of software quality assurance (SQA) process.

In this webinar "Accelerating DO178C Aerospace Software Compliance", we will show how granular relationships & traceability in an ALM process are related to automated compliance for fast audit response. We’ll also highlight how automated workflows and processes establish corporate governance throughout the ALM and SQA processes for aerospace companies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how to completely track and validate requirements through the entire SDLC process
  • Learn how to utilize and configure OTB reports specifically for aerospace DO178C submission and audit response
  • See how Siemens Polarion ALM provides an end to end ALM solution enabling fast software deployment with high quality