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Visualizing the digital twin for consumer products

Webinar a la carta | 39 minutos

3D visualization of product can be easy with an integrated approach

3D visualization from Siemens at work

Product design engineers can quickly and easily create 3D visualizations of their products, including immersive visualization, visual appearances, and animations when working within a digital twin environment. An integrated visualization design approach in NX can reduce the time to create a first image by up to 30% and can further reduce the time to create a second image by up to 90%. Join Scott Felber, Ben Widdowson, and Gavin McCambridge from the Siemens Digital Industries Software team as they discuss this integrated visualization process and how it works across the entire product workflow.

What webinar attendees will learn:

  • How to collaborate at human scale in VR
  • How to create stunning 3D VR images
  • How to manage visual representations
  • How to create product animations

Experience product designs at human scale with 3D visualization

Experiencing product designs at human scale can give product design engineers a unique perspective. With the addition of multi-person collaboration, entire teams can review designs simultaneously, in virtual reality, from anywhere in the world.

How to render perfect product images easily with 3D visualization

Creating the perfect-looking product images in NX Render is done easily. In minutes users can drag and drop a set of materials onto a model and achieve desired results. These visualization experts will discuss their top tips on getting the most from NX Render and creating best-in-class images.

3D visualization appearances and product animations

Visual appearance management enables product design engineers to easily set up a series of visual appearances on a single master model and render results. Animation Designers provide users the tools necessary to render high-end animations. In this session, you’ll learn how to set up a simple but effective turntable and render out high-end 360 animations.

The presenters

Scott Felber

Director de marketing de diseño de producto de NX, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Scott Felber es director de marketing de ingeniería de producto de NX en Siemens Digital Industries Software. Se ocupa de ayudar a los clientes a identificar el valor de los productos de software de Siemens, con especial atención en NX para diseño y en su integración en los procesos. También se encarga de la utilización de NX en Teamcenter, automatización de procesos y otros casos de datos de diseño. Trabaja con clientes y posibles clientes en la creación de un plan que transforme sus empresas y procesos gracias a la detección de actividades que no aportan valor y a la forma de eliminarlas.

Ben Widdowson

Head of Marketing, Siemens Center of Excellence for Visualization

Ben trained and worked as a mechanical design engineer, running a start-up product design consultancy in Manchester for a number of years before going on to Marketing and Leadership roles in the 3D visualization industry with Lightworks. In 2018 Lightworks joined the Siemens family and now Ben leads the marketing team as part of the Center of Excellence for Visualization, helping manufacturing companies adopt 3D visualization to solve tomorrow's challenges today.

Gavin McCambridge

Visualization Creative Team Director, Siemens Digital Industries Software

With over 20 years of experience at the cutting edge of 3D visualization, Gavin now leads an expert team of creatives and 3D artists who are pushing the boundaries of high-end visualization using NX. Working across automotive to aerospace and consumer products to AEC, Gavin's attention to detail enables him to create some of the most visually stunning content ever produced with NX. His passion for helping others to learn NX visualization is born out through his contributions to blogs and learning materials.

Patti Longwinter

Strategic Alliance Manager, NVIDIA

Patti joined NVIDIA in June of 2020 as a strategic alliance manager working with Siemens Digital Industries Software. She helps bring together ISV partner solutions and NVIDIA’s full-stack technology to meet our customers’ needs for accelerated computing in product design and manufacturing. Prior to NVIDIA Patti held roles in product management and software development at Siemens focusing on creating and delivering visualization solutions.