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Webinar Series

Optimizing vehicle energy management engineering strategies with simulation and testing

Our simulation solutions enable you to accurately assess the energy management performance of your vehicle at early development stage.

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Defining the best vehicle thermal management architecture

Easily build the missing data (engine maps, heat exchangers performance and air velocity) to get realistic models in pre-design stages, and anticipate on thermal systems sizing and performance even when information is not yet accessible.

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Accurately model the energy consumption of your vehicle

Discover how to design and assess model performance and energy consumption of a Tesla Model S - out of public data - using our system simulation tool, Simcenter Amesim.

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Enabling fast, effective thermal soak simulation

Set up a digital prototype process to address all design needs. This webinar provides examples for aerodynamics and thermal management workflow, and how process automation enabled predictive heat protection for severe drive conditions, from idle/soak simulation, to longer more complex drive cycles.

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Find the right architecture trade-offs for optimal vehicle energy management

Figure out how an integrated test and simulation approach can help you to effectively find the right architecture tradeoff that considers all performance attributes to create improve vehicle energy management.

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Discover the power of deploying neural networks and its impact on systems engineering

Discover how a dedicated model-based systems development process can support the use of artificial intelligence to improve your mechatronic system development process.

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Rapidly assess electric vehicle thermal management strategies

Learn how system simulation can help balance passenger comfort, range and safety attributes at early design stages and Validate the sizing of the different components to ensure battery cooling and cabin pull down.

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Testing advanced cabin thermal management strategies

Find out how to integrate a detailed cabin into your system simulation model using embedded-CFD, in order to increase the fidelity of your vehicle thermal management models to assess HVAC system power consumption and its impact on vehicle range.

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High fidelity passenger comfort and HVAC/interior component performance

Watch our experts detailing how extending the system simulation use to a higher-fidelity 3D cabin model can help for more predictive simulations.

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