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Accelerate aircraft development with an integrated end-to-end structural development process.

On-Demand Webinar

Learn how an integrated, end-to-end structural development process helps streamline the entire aerostructure process, allowing aircraft manufacturers to improve productivity and avoid cost overruns.

Aircraft companies suffer major delays on their programs causing up to 50% cost overrun.   These delays represent not only millions of dollars cash burn, but also cause billions of dollars contractual penalties. Knowing that 60% of aircraft non-recurring cost is spent on the structural development of the aircraft, any improvement in the structure development process will have a major impact.

This webinar discusses how an integrated end-to-end aircraft structural development process helps you to improve productivity with 30% and accelerate the aircraft structural performance engineering. 

You will learn :

  • how to set up an integrated end-to-end process from CAD, through loads generation, FEM generation, FE simulation, margin of safety calculations, up to certification report.
  • the value of having margin of safety calculations integrated in an FE environment.
  • how to tailor to customer process and methods.

This webinar is conducted in English.