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Simulation and virtual commissioning for mixing and filling

On-Demand Webinar | 31 minutes

Learn how Simcenter simulation solutions and virtual commissioning guarantee optimal equipment sizing and efficient recipe execution

Packaging industry operators’ success is influenced by consumer society and various market needs. Product Manufacturing needs to keep up with the ever-changing customer demand, forcing industries to have flexible production systems and to increase operational efficiency. Using the mixing and filling process unit as an example, you will learn how simulation and virtual commissioning guarantee optimal equipment sizing and efficient recipe execution. 

During this webinar, Alvaro Canizares, Solution Manager at Siemens shows the added value of a combined solution with simulation and automation tools to help equipment manufacturers reduce trials and improve the production process of final products. Simcenter Amesim is used to design, analyze and size the equipment from a system point of view. Simcenter HEEDS is used together with Simcenter STAR-CCM+ to conduct a parametric study and optimize specific equipment parts. With the resulting digital twin, the automation engineer can perform virtual commissioning to test and optimize the PLC code connecting a Simcenter Amesim simulation model via Automation Connect to a PLC. 

More on Alvaro:Alvaro graduated in Spain in Mechanical Engineering and in Germany in Automation Engineering. He started working at Siemens Digital Factory headquarters in Nuremberg 2,5 years ago and since then he is working in an international team at Factory Automation driving the topic virtual commissioning. One of these topics is combining Simcenter Amesim with our automation portfolio and is the project lead for the Mixing and Filling demonstrator.

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