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Defining the best vehicle thermal management architecture at early design stages to ensure vehicle safety

On-Demand Webinar | 30 minutes

Discover Simcenter systems simulation solutions for the optimization of your vehicle thermal management architecture.

Optimizing your vehicle thermal management system using Simcenter Amesim

Vehicle thermal management in the automotive industry is at the crossroads of different departments. As a thermal management engineer, you strongly rely on data coming from your engine design colleagues and from the vehicle design department to start engineering the thermal systems and get first thermal evaluation of architectures. Cooling systems first purpose is to ensure the safety of vehicles in any driving conditions and for every possible driving cycles, while reaching the expected level of performance and emissions during vehicle integration. Developing systems that fulfill all – usually contradictory – requirements while keeping control over the project time and costs requires the implementation of simulation solutions that help frontload engineering decisions in early design stages.

In this 30-minute webinar, Thomas Desbarats, expert in vehicle thermal management, will give an introduction on our Simcenter system simulation solutions and expose new ways of using systems simulation to:

  • Easily build the missing data (engine maps, heat exchangers performance and air velocity) to get realistic models in pre-design stages, and anticipate on thermal systems sizing and performance even when information is not yet accessible
  • Facilitate early design decisions that will help guaranteeing systems safety while balancing various constraints (costs, time, design requirements, fuel economy…)
  • Seamlessly refine the architecture of your engine and your vehicle according to your thermal management needs in both cases: warm-up and cooling systems at the first stage of your development cycle.

This webinar is conducted in English.

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