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Adopting a digital twin approach to optimize electrified vehicle performance engineering

On-Demand Webinar | 45 minutes

Learn how to use digital twins to frontload electric and hybrid vehicles design and engineering

Electrified vehicle performance engineering

Stricter environmental regulations combined with the rise of autonomous vehicles and shared mobility accelerate the need for powertrain electrification. This strongly reshapes vehicle engineering processes and methods. The pressure to innovate and produce mass-market vehicles forces the entire transportation industry to adapt and to deliver solutions that offer desired attributes - drive range, performance, life and in-vehicle experience - at low cost. To stay competitive, adopting a real-time “digital twin” framework as a bridge between virtual and physical is essential to avoid late technology defects or unexpected performance. Frontloading design and optimization using simulations from early stages of prototype development until physical testing for advanced validation limits costly design changes in later stages of product development.

Concepts for optimizing electrified vehicle performance engineering

  • How digital twins of hybrid and electric vehicles enable to virtually assess the global performance of systems like battery, motor and power electronics. 
  • How to balance performance attributes – NVH, drivability, range, safety, aerodynamics and thermal & energy management - during integration, and physically validate components and architecture choices. 
  • How our simulation and testing solutions help OEMs and suppliers accelerate product design, whilst using optimization to adapt to vehicle autonomy and other automotive megatrends.

Realize LIVE | 23-24 June 2020 | Virtual

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