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Predict transmissions systems performance and meet fuel economy, drivability & NVH objectives

On-Demand Webinar | 40 minutes

Predict transmissions systems performance and meet fuel economy, drivability and NVH objectives using system simulation. Giving a focus on transmission design is a crucial element to help with fuel economy and pollutant emission reduction.


Fuel economy and pollutant emission reduction is making the automotive industry priorities evolving. But the reduction in fuel consumption cannot be achieved at the expense of driving performance, comfort, or reliability. So it is crucial to identify the right balance between all the vehicle attributes. New technologies such as electrification help to fit with these targets, but can also negatively impact the vehicle performance attributes. Giving a focus on transmission design, from components design to the integration to the vehicle is fundamental.

Using model-based system engineering is a solution to evaluate the impact of transmission design choices on all the vehicle attributes to select the best architecture. At Siemens Digital Industries Software, we provide you with a solution that allows you to perform this assessment an early stage of your development cycle.

Whether you are a supplier or an OEM, you are concerned by this performance prediction problematic. Especially as interactions between that the supplier / OEMs are stronger and require a common tool to perform both component design and vehicle integration.

In this 40-minute webinar, Patrice Montaland, an expert in transmission design with system simulation, explains step by step through technical presentation and live-demonstration how Simcenter Amesim can help you:

  • Estimate transmission performance and losses with quasi-static models
  • Predict drivability using more dynamic models
  • Address Noise and vibrations with a higher level of frequency
  • Capture electrification impact at any level of frequency domain

This webinar is conducted in English.