Taking Urinalysis Digital: Creating a Digital Twin of a Urine Chemistry Analyzer

On-Demand Webinar | 30 minutes

Learn how simulation and design exploration can help you stay competitive and meet the challenges of accelerated design cycles and risk management in medical device development.

Every medical device developer needs to generate evidence to prove that their products are safe and effective — whether they’re creating implantable or drug delivery devices or diagnostic lab equipment. Simulation is playing an increasingly significant role in that process: creating a Digital Twin of your device helps establish product performance, and provides insight into improving the next generation of designs to stay competitive.

Join us on a journey of digitalization, as we demonstrate how computational dynamics (CFD) can be applied to the simulation of a medical device component, using the example of the pipette dispensing system in a urine chemistry analyzer. The webinar illustrates how Simcenter STAR-CCM+ can be used to assess the performance of existing devices, or design entirely new ones.

We also discuss how the Siemens Digital Industries Software portfolio of products helps generate Digital Evidence to:

  • reduce the cost of benchtop tests
  • accelerate the regulatory approval process

Following the overview presentation, we take a deep dive into the capabilities of Simcenter STAR-CCM+ and Design Manager to demonstrate a key feature of the Digital Twin: how quickly and simply one can generate and test design variants — to find the best designs as well as account for variability.

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