Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) drives efficient service operations and improves your service outcomes with full visibility into physical asset configurations

On-Demand Webinar | 29 minutes

Learn how to optimize service efficiency of your physical assets

Service Lifecycle Management helps you improve service efficiency with accurate visibility into physical assets

Do you have the right tools to help you manage an increasingly complex service lifecycle? Learn more about the benefits of service lifecycle management.

In this session, you’ll learn about the importance of solutions that provide you and your team full visibility into your physical asset configurations to ensure service efficiency and optimization of your product lifecycle processes.

Improve first-time-fix rates and lower your costs with an integrated service lifecycle management solution.

What are the benefits of Service Lifecycle Management?

By orchestrating service engineering operations throughout a product’s lifecycle, service lifecycle management software generates greater compliance, faster service, and lower costs for a manufacturer and end-users alike.

Service lifecycle management enables you to increase your service revenue, and offer add-on services or product upgrades to your customers for their physical assets. It also tends to counterbalance product sales variability: when sales slow down, service activity tends to rise. Service lifecycle management allows you to enjoy higher profit margins as you deliver higher quality service at lower costs.

Effective service lifecycle management solutions should support an integrated service BOM, and support an open ecosystem of OEM, customer, and third-party applications and solutions that can work together to deliver quality service of managed physical assets.

With a modern SLM solution, you can provide feedback to engineering to improve product designs for serviceability and reliability. You can communicate and coordinate operational activities for greater compliance, faster service, and lower costs.

Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management Helps You Optimize Physical Asset Performance

Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management helps you maximize your service knowledge and asset value with one source of service engineering information. Your service technicians can perform service activities with a full understanding of physical product (asset) configurations, including as-built bill of materials records, status, and service history. You gain access to all the appropriate information necessary to manage your service operations more effectively.

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