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Next Generation Design for the Industrial Machinery Industry

On-Demand Webinar | 47 minutes

Please join us for this webinar to learn how the next generation for industrial machinery software integrates electrical and mechanical design with the world’s most productive modeling environment. You will learn how this helps machine builders combat reduced margins by removing the barriers to innovation.

Next Generation Machine Design

Today‘s machinery design is about more than just a mechanical design. The problems that need to be solved revolve around things such as being able to produce machines that have faster cycle times with less errors in a compressed delivery cycle. Upfront digital validation will allow you to deliver machines to customers without issues. In addition with increased electrical, automation and software content in today’s machines you need to be able to solve all issues in concurrently across multiple disciplines.

Please join us to learn how the next generation design for industrial machinery enables:

  • world’s leading mechatronic design platform
  • true generative design
  • additive manufacturing