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Make IoT happen! Learn from project experiences in Consumer Packaged Goods

On-Demand Webinar | 30 minutes

Learn the key success factors of IoT implementations in a live production environment

Siemens Consumer Packaged Goods industry expert Sean Barry will present real life applications addressing the most pressing topics in Consumer Packaged Goods. Learn from Sesh Marellapudi a Siemens project management expert with over 20 years industry experience the recipes of a successful Industrial IoT project implementation in a high availability production with zero downtime.

You will learn:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods digital market trends and real life IoT applications
  • Deep dive into an OEE application optimizing a high availability bottling line
  • Key success factors of Industrial IoT project implementations using MindSphere (connectivity, security, data visualization and analytics capabilities)

Sean Barry

Senior Business Development Manager, MindSphere

Sesh Marellapudi

PreSales Manager, MindSphere