Singapore's National Plan for EV Batteries Development and Chemistry to System Design of Lithium-Ion Batteries Technical Know-How

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Singapore's National Plan for EV Batteries Development and Technical Know-How Sharing

Chemistry to System Design of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Chemistry to System Design of Lithium-Ion Batteries

It is expected that new xEV models will increase significantly over the next 10 years. Therefore, it is needed to design lower cost, efficient and reliable battery systems with high energy density in terms of heat transfer, electrochemistry and aging of battery.

As part of Singapore Battery Consortium’s (SBC) aims to promote the deployment of new battery technologies and products, SBC is co-hosting this session with Siemens. In this webinar, SBC will share the consortium’s focus areas and activities that drive their vision of impacting the growth of advanced battery related technologies through innovation driven public-private partnerships. I t will also cover Singapore’s national plans in-relation to energy storage locally and beyond.

This will be followed by a technical session, which addresses:

  • How to reduce research, analysis and experiments on battery systems behavior; 
  • The ability to generate the best possible prediction to maintain the integrity of the system and identifying potential problems at an early stage.
  • Introducing aging mechanisms to create a complex but realistic model to predict the battery pack's performance for a real-world driving cycle.

The sharing will be aided by using a commercial light weight sports EV case study to illustrate the importance of multiphysics considerations of the battery pack by characterizing the cell, followed by the pack. Covering also how the system level is developed to achieve the required range based on an aggressive drive cycle.

What you will learn:

  • Singapore Battery Consortium's membership, activities and Singapore national plan for energy storage and batteries;
  • The importance of multiphysics effects in the design of battery management system;
  • Benefits of using simulation throughout the design process to reduce prototyping;
  • Cell and Pack level model characterization/ validation considering 
    • Electrochemical performance 
    • Thermal Abuse
    • Cell Breathing and Ageing
  • Examples of companies using Simcenter and the value they have achieved;
  • System level modeling to model realistic complex systems

Who should attend?

  • Electrochemical engineers who design cells
  • Thermal Analysts who design thermal management of vehicle
  • Project managers
  • Simulation analysts

Kaushik Illa

Application Specialist for e-Powertrain, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Kaushik Illa has strong background in product and software development in Electrical Machines and Batteries from previous working experience in SunPower, Regal Beloit and QM Power has contributed to this Technical Lead role for all e-Powertrain related technology. In this role Kaushik is responsible for defining future strategy, anticipating market simulation needs and disseminate the best usage of Simcenter Solution Portfolio for e-Powertrain.

Dr. Chiam Sing Yang

Director, Singapore Battery Consortium

Dr. Chiam Sing Yang was appointed the Director for the Singapore Battery Consortium in Nov 2019, currently group with 29 industry and ~56 academic members. As the consortium lead, he helps formulates the strategy and direction for battery related developments for Singapore through close interactions with all the consortium members. In April 2020, Dr. Chiam is also appointed as Director (Special Projects) in Science & Engineering Research Council, where he helps shape the electrification strategy for A*STAR. Dr Chiam also contributes in other different activities across Singapore, for example, as technical advisors for industries, review panelist and battery standards development.

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