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Improving aircraft engine thermo-mechanical performance

On-Demand Webinar | 38 minutes

Learn how digitalization has an impact on aircraft engine thermo-mechanical performance. Hear Mark Donley, Simcenter Product manager at Siemens PLM Software share his vision for the aircraft engine industry.

How Simcenter supports aircraft engine thermo-mechanical performance

Looking into the thermal-mechanical development of an aircraft engine, a lot of disciplines, people, specialists, expertise need to come together to reach the required performance. All physics are very interdependent and thermo-mechanical engineering can’t be performed by treating the engine as a devisable system. This complexity makes engineering very expensive.

  • How to acquire deeper insight in thermal performance of the engine subjected to aerodynamic loads
  • How to analyze high performance materials to operate in extreme conditions with minimal maintenance and product failures
  • How to improve the responses of the engine system to optimize operating efficiency
  • Understand the mechanical vibration of the system -critical to the stability of the engine at high rotational speeds