Intelligent Design Control for Medical Devices

On-Demand Webinar | 46 minutes

Boost productivity, speed and quality with intelligent design control

Intelligent Design Control in Medical Device

Complexity in medical device product development and manufacturing continues to increase, while commercial pressures are reducing margins. Further, regulatory landscape changes can throttle innovation, impacting speed to market. An “intelligent” approach to design control enables OEM’s and suppliers to significantly improve productivity, speed, and quality metrics while addressing complexity and regulatory compliance challenges.

Unlock the potential for better medical device designs and

  • Understand current challenges of design control
  • Identify the maturity stage of your design control practices
  • Learn how “intelligent” re-use, visibility and error-proofing impacts productivity, speed and quality
James B. Thompson

James B. Thompson

Sr. Director, Industry Strategy, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals, Siemens

Ryan Bauer

Ryan Bauer

Director of Industry Solutions, Siemens Digital Industries Software