Achieving Program Excellence in the Aerospace and Defense Industry through Product Realization

On-Demand Webinar | 62 minutes

Learn how A&D companies are finding efficient ways to collaborate between design and manufacturing

In the aerospace and defense industry, programs are becoming more complex, bids are more challenging and customer priorities are changing. The need for newer technologies, such as composites for more fuel-efficient aircraft, will continue to grow. Aerospace companies also have to manage regulatory requirements to make sure design and manufacturing practices are documented and traceable. The need for greater program performance has never been so critical for aerospace and defense companies. To win business in today’s highly competitive environment, aerospace companies must submit attractive bids that also include the demonstrated ability to deliver on program targets, requirements and production schedules. This is not an easy task and requires reinventing the way programs are managed from initial concept all the way through delivery.

In this webinar hosted by Aviation Week, learn how aerospace and defense companies are trying to find a more efficient ways to enhance collaboration between design and manufacturing. The industry needs a process-driven product lifecycle management (PLM) approach to include manufacturing engineering in every aspect of program development, from program pursuit through engineering and manufacturing development. This can drive profitability, reputation and prove the firm’s ability to drive successful program execution.


  • Roger Smith, Model Based Manufacturing Integrated Product Team leader, Northrop Grumman
  • Dave Riemer, Vice President, Aerospace and Defense Strategy, Siemens Digital Industries Software
  • David A. Wilkins, Director, Americas Manufacturing Solution Consulting, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Key Takeaways

  • Enabling early involvement of manufacturing engineering in the assessment of design alternatives, accurate planning for on-time project launch and effective communication with the shop floor are all examples of opportunities for companies to shift left the integration of the manufacturing definition in the product development process
  • Implementing a process-driven approach to shift product and manufacturing decisions early in the lifecycle to validate the manufacturing feasibility of aircraft systems during the design stage

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