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Join our partners Underwoods Electrical Distributors and TEAM Engineering to find out how you can cut commissioning time by up to 70%

Virtual Commissioning for Machine Builders Workshop

21 MAY 2019 09:30 AM - 2:00 PM

During the development of a machine, there are many risks that can jeopardise the ability to introduce the machine into production on schedule.

Virtual commissioning makes it possible to conduct machine commissioning tests early in the design and development phase. What-if scenarios can be tested with no risks involved, the engineering error quota gets reduced, and the security validated – before the real machine even exists.

The total time required for commissioning the actual machine can be substantially reduced, removing the need for physical prototypes and significantly reducing the time-to-market for production machines.

To find out more about this technology and the difference it can make to your business, please join us at our Virtual Commissioning workshop with our partners Underwoods Electrical Distributors and TEAM Engineering in Solihull.

You will learn:

  • How to go from concept to a functional, productive machine quickly and reliably.
  • The impact of including simulated 3D models in a bid response.
  • How you can produce higher quality machines at a lower cost – with fewer errors and less rework.
Design a machine, not a prototype
Design a machine, not a prototype

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