08. Oktober 2020 | 10:00 – 11:30 am

Automated Thermal Transient Characterization and Power Cycling of High-Power Semiconductor Devices

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Reliability and thermal management in power electronic applications such as xEV, energy conversion, LED lighting, and integrated circuits have never been more important than in current times.

In this free webinar, find out how our solutions can help you optimize the efficiency in your thermal transient characterization and frontload thermal design in your overall development process.

We will introduce you to our new Simcenter T3STER SI, giving you insight into our latest thermal transient testing technologies.

See how improved automation and remote access capabilities can bring the efficiency of your thermal characterization process to the next level.

See how you can apply our measurement systems and advanced post-processing technology, including structure function analysis and advanced simulation model calibration, to your application and improve your thermal design and management.

In addition, learn and hear from one of our customers ZFW, Zentrum für Wärmemanagement, on how they use Simcenter T3STER solutions in their projects and everyday work.

After this webinar, you will understand how to:

  • investigate thermal challenges of your electrical component and system;
  • use structure functions for non-destructive component failure analysis;
  • use high accuracy thermal models in thermal simulation software.

The presenters are:

David Sulyok – Technical Expert
Siemens Digital Industry Software

Dr. Daniel Kienemund – Technical Expert
Siemens Digital Industry Software

Tobias Daub – Portfolio Developer
Siemens Digital Industry Software

Peter Fink
ZFW – Zentrum für Wärmemanagement

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