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A Future Vision of the Automotive Industry

The Future Car Podcast

The tech-driven disruption of the automotive industry cuts across domains, from silicon and software to sensors and AI to smart traffic management and mobility services.

Get the chip-to-city-scale story in regular interviews with technologists at Siemens and beyond.

Never before has the pace of innovation moved so rapidly. New insights, new opportunities, new levels of automation at every point in the value chain. These aren’t the promises of tomorrow; they’re the opportunities of today.

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  1. Edward Bernardon: The future, how far away is it >
  2. Dave Lauzun: Engineering behind the future car >
  3. Daniel Clarke: Astrophysics, autonomy and AI >
  4. Andy Mcleod: Chips and systems for new mobility >
  5. Mouse McCoy: How autonomous technology will effect driving >
  6. Anil Khanna: Why automotive audio is about way more than Android Auto >
  7. Robert Bates: Securing autonomous vehicles >
  8. Puneet Sinha: Electric powertrains and an electric post >
  9. Ed Bernardon: Italian lesson, wine and cheese car >
  10. Marcus Welz, Pri Boyd: The future of public transport >
  11. Gernot Spiegleberg: Musk, the migration to MaaS and more >
  12. Doug Burcicki: Untangling the vehicle wiring harness >
  13. Mathias Fritzson: Life in Sweden and coming era of software updatable car >
  14. David Fritz: Car companies and suppliers doing their own custom chip design >
  15. Amitai Bin-Nun: Keeping it SAFE >
  16. Justin Ho: Violins, banking & rideOS >
  17. Katherine Sheriff: Emergent technology consultants & AV lawyers >
  18. Cars, mobility, and chip to city design >
  19. John Helveston: EVs in China >
  20. Joe Barkai: Electric, connected, and automated future cars >
  21. Eric Gannaway: The future of traffic flow >
  22. Gernot Speigleberg: Envisioning a greener future >
  23. Henri Coron: Driving around the globe >

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