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Aircraft structural analysis: How to implement a global aerostructure simulation process

Streamline the aerostructure process with an end-to-end aircraft structural development process

Aircraft companies often suffer major delays on their programs causing up to 50% cost overrun. These delays represent not only millions of dollars cash burn, but also cause billions of dollars contractual penalties. Knowing that 60% of aircraft non-recurring cost is spent on the structural development of the aircraft, any improvement in the structure development process will have a major impact.

By using end-to-end processes for aircraft structural engineering and analysis that take advantage of simulation throughout the product lifecycle, manufacturers have found they are able to deliver innovative products on time and with predictable performance. This has enabled them to

  • reduce model preparation time
  • shorten design-analysis iterations
  • evaluate tradeoffs across multiple disciplines
  • streamline development for on-time delivery and improve the quality of designs.

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