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Making Industry 4.0 a Reality | Industrial IoT Webinar Series

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing how companies must do business to survive. And while adopting the technology is rapidly becoming a necessity, how to approach it remains elusive.

In this webinar series, we explain the four stages or pillars of IoT implementation you should follow that will not only simplify the process but provide a clear path to achieving incremental value as you scale.

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Pillar 1: Connectivity - Connecting and Monitoring Assets

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Pillar 2: Control - Optimizing Maintenance Predictability

We discuss how machine data can be used to optimize maintenance and thereby eliminate unplanned downtime, improve production schedule accuracy and boost output rates.

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Pillar 3: Digitalization - Operating Digital Twins

We explore how the closed-loop digital twin can be used to improve simulation and prototyping, transform predictive maintenance and optimize live production runs.

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Pillar 4: Augmentation - Extending Outcomes

Learn what’s possible beyond connecting, monitoring and improving maintenance practices. Learn how to be an early adopter for the next wave of digitalization.

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