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White paper

Integrated in-vehicle software development

In-vehicle software development is a complex environment with multiple domains, across multiple organizations involved in software features. These software features evolve from vehicle or platform level interactions to optimization of needed electrical connectivity and network communication.

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Application definition and planning

As the system level definitions and hardware constraints become clear with system level requirements, noise-factors, specifications, FMEAs, etc, software level requirements, test-cases, goals etc. can now be decomposed and embedded software application level definitions and planning can be collaborated.

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Application development and QA

While the software component architecture and modeling tasks verify and validate the functional interactions for the desired functionality with activities such as Model-in-Loop testing, coding changes and needed test execution with virtual hardware can be orchestrated triggering Software-in-Loop testing.

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Application delivery and monitoring

Last but most important, Application Delivery and monitoring – This ensures the embedded software application is complete, compatible and is accountable for its content in the overall system at the vehicle level.

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