SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Foundation


The foundation for optimizing manufacturing execution processes

Siemens helps manufacturers become Digital Enterprises by enabling them to digitize and integrate their entire industrial value chain through PLM solutions, Manufacturing Execution System (MES)/ Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions and TIA equipment.
MES/MOM is the core element linking PLM to shop floor automation and providing manufacturers with a real-time industry software layer.
SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Foundation (SIT UA Foundation) is a platform for creating an integrated MOM ecosystem, targeting the current and future transformational technologies that are shaping the future of manufacturing: mobile internet, automation of knowledge work, the Internet of Things, and the Cloud. At the core of SIT UA Foundation is a unified manufacturing operations data bus that provides a common backbone for the integration of legacy applications while providing the first fundamental step towards a unified integrated system.
In a nutshell, SIT UA Foundation is:

  • The platform approach to creating a Manufacturing Operations Management strategy

  • The core element for executing, tracking and monitoring productionprogress and performance

  • The data bridge between PLM and Shop Floor Automation, to create the Digital Enterprise

User interfaces (UI) are HTML5 single- page applications running in a web browser.
Data, services and events are exposed to the web through lightweight standard web services consumed by application UIs or external systems. Logics are executed in a distributed execution environment, designed to run on small- to large-scale computing hardware. Data is persisted in a standard Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS).

SIT UAF is constructed around DomainDriven Design (DDD). Application data, services and events are defined by a model setting out the application structure and exposed as meta-data at any layer.
SIT UAF includes common MOM components and services for connecting external systems, aggregating and exposing data; defining plant models and connecting the underlying automation 
data and systems;

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Main functionalities

SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Foundation (SIT UAF) offers several functional modules.
The project studio module, for application developers, is used to create functional blocks.
The Solution studio module, for system administrators and integrators, is used to set up and deploy solutions in execution environments. Other system modules provide additional functions. The event manager provides a function for advanced event and signal management. 
SIT UAF includes predefined functional blocks to manage, track and trace all manufacturing activities with an advanced manufacturing task management system.
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Synchronizing manufacturing operation and automation with data-stream processing

  • Integrates with automation system

  • Enables end user to configure event rules so they can combine automation and operational data

  • Provides a better user experience with new interface themes and style sheets

  • Delivers a more intuitive environment for configuring and deploying solutions

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SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Discrete Manufacturing

Solution for complex assembly and job-shop environments

SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Discrete Manufacturing (SIMATIC IT UADM) is a software product specifically designed and developed by Siemens by leveraging the SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture foundation. SIMATIC IT UADM is the specialized product addressing the needs of the discrete industry market. It is designed to satisfy the most common needs of industries in which specific macro areas are dedicated to executing sequential discrete manufacturing functions in order to produce the desired product.

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