15 November 2004

3D Data at Your Fingertips; UGS Accelerates 3D Collaboration Adoption by Launching PLM Industry-leading 3D Visual Collaboration Technology at No-Charge

JT, the Dominant Data Format for Product Visualization, Collaboration and Data Sharing Within the PLM Industry,Delivers a Lightweight Format for Sharing Detailed 3D Product and Manufacturing Information Throughout the Product Lifecycle


FOR RELEASE Monday, November 15, 2004
PLANO, Texas– UGS, a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, today launched the JT2Go™ solution, collaboration rich, no-cost 3D viewing products which will enable companies to share detailed 3D product and manufacturing data globally using the lightweight JT format.

The new offerings include JT2Go viewing technology and JT plug-ins for Microsoft® Office to provide rich collaboration using standard desktop applications.  The Microsoft Office plug-ins enable a JT file to be easily embedded and viewed in any Microsoft Office document.  The JT2Go viewer enables product development teams and supply chains to review drawings; view and interrogate 3D product information and collaborate in the context of complete bill of materials using PLM XML.  These capabilities enable key PLM processes such as engineering design reviews, request for quotes, package reviews and manufacturing tooling reviews.

JT is the de-facto industry standard format for enabling product visualization and information sharing between PLM software applications.  The robust functionality and lightweight qualities of JT technology make it possible to view and share product data and interactive images worldwide, in real-time and throughout all phases of the product lifecycle.

JT continues to be a fast evolving technology, that has incorporated new compression algorithms, lighting, textures and PLM XML technology to expand the functionality and intelligence of the 3D information.  With this new technology JT can now be used to deliver photo-realistic images for use by sales and marketing teams to build brochures and interactive 3D publications.  The requirements for the new JT2Go viewing products and the expansion of the JT format are established through JT Open, an initiative driven by global leaders that view PLM as a competitive advantage and have adopted the JT format as their standard.

JT2Go, available to the public via internet download, will help streamline collaboration between manufacturers and their value chain across all industries.  This new collaboration and viewing technology breaks down the barriers to 3D collaboration by providing a fast, deploy-on-demand solution that enables data sharing across heterogeneous PLM software environments, on existing infrastructure at no additional cost.

“JT2Go is another example of UGS delivering open solutions that meet customers’ needs to enhance product quality, reduce development costs and transform the process of innovation,”said Chuck Grindstaff, executive vice-president of PLM Products for UGS.  “JT2Go further extends JT’s position as the world’s most widely-used data format in the PLM industry for product visualization, collaboration and data sharing.”

“GM currently has millions of JT files and has standardized globally on this solution,” said Terry Kline, General Motors Global Information Officer for Product Development.  “The new JT2Go viewing products will enable global GM suppliers to quickly and efficiently view GM product data at no additional cost using their existing infrastructure.  Since the JT format is already so well established within GM, this offering creates immediate bottom line value across the industry.”

Ford Motor Company uses JT technology to enable visualization throughout the vehicle product lifecycle.  The JT pipeline has become the collaboration hub for Ford’s extended global network. Ford continues to support the advancements within the JT Open program.

“Visteon Corporation is an early adopter of JT technology and has reported advantages throughout its design and manufacturing process relying on its CAD-neutral, high precision, robust functionality and lightweight capabilities.  Visteon is committed to innovation and applying technology to enhance communication and collaboration with our entire supply chain,” said Lorie Buckingham, CIO, Visteon Corporation.  “Advancing software and hardware will help the entire automotive industry as it changes from the traditional paper based 2D drawings to a rich 3D format.”

UGS continues to leverage its growing PLM industry leadership in the area of openness.  These offerings are another example.  The openness of the UGS architecture enables manufacturers to leverage JT and PLM XML interoperability throughout their value chains.  Earlier this year UGS received leading marks for its innovative open technology and business model from industry analyst firm Collaborative Product Development Associates, LLC (CPDA) in a report entitled Defining the PLM Open Landscape.

Membership in  JT Open is available to any and all end user corporations, independent software vendors (ISVs), academic institutions and non-profit industry organizations.  Current JT Open members include UGS, General Motors, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Mazda, Renault, Visteon, Caterpillar, Bentley, PTC, Alias, Theorem, Opticore, Polyplan, Landmark and Actify as well as academic members Brigham Young University, Technical University Darmstadt, ShanghaiJiao Tong University and theUniversity of Michigan.  In addition, current JT Open advocates include HP, Intel, Microsoft, SAP, Tecnomatix and Elysium.

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