17 December 2004

UGS Launches Open Manufacturing Backbone (OMB); New Digital Manufacturing Backbone Provides Open Environment for Third-party Applications

FOR RELEASE Friday, December 17, 2004

PLANO, Texas– UGS, a leading provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, today launched Open Manufacturing Backbone (OMB) – a globally-scalable technology backbone designed to transform the process of digital manufacturing through an open environment in which third-party software applications can interoperate.

The technology foundation for OMB is UGS’ Teamcenter® Manufacturing,a robust enterprise platform to help companies digitize and manage their manufacturing processes so they can get better products into production for less cost. Process, resource, plant and product data all reside in a single integrated data manager within Teamcenter Manufacturing, enabling the full and highly-functional relationships and semantics necessary for different applications to work with one another in an open environment.

As a result, third-party digital manufacturing applications – including those developed by UGS customers, competitors, strategic partners or other third parties – can interoperate seamlessly within OMB.  UGS is currently working with several application providers including Tecnomatix (NYSE: TCNO) on implementations of OMB, and expects to announce additional application provider agreements in the coming weeks.  In addition, UGS expects to develop additional applications of its own to work interoperably within OMB.

OMB is accessible via published PLM XML using the same tools UGS uses to integrate its own E-factory digital manufacturing applications.  UGS hasdeveloped manufacturing applications for resource classification, part manufacturing planning, facility layout and performance validation, human centric validation and a host of viewer and consumer products that complement the manufacturing domain.  All are either built on or hosted by LDA (Lifecycle Data Architecture) as a foundation of Teamcenter and accessible via OMB.

“Providing true value in digital manufacturing starts with having a robust technology backbone, and our vision was to extend Teamcenter’s PLM market-leading capabilities into the manufacturing space as our foundation,” said Tony Affuso, chairman, CEO and president of UGS.  “Ten of the world’s largest manufacturing companies have already proven the robustness and value of Teamcenter Manufacturing through our early adopter program.  Through this program we showed how the opennessand power of our technology works with other manufacturing applications, and we now offer a fully mature, open and integrated environment through OMB.”

Addressing a Critical Need

OMB addresses the growing demand for open digital manufacturing solutions.  Digital Manufacturing is a PLM strategy that focuses on improving every aspect of how a company builds its products.  Many of the world’s most forward-thinking manufacturers are embracing the technology – and they have reported a number of benefits such as better asset utilization, reduced launch times, more predictable processes and improved profitability.

In a recent survey by CIMdata, a leading PLM consulting and research firm, it was noted that “openness and interoperability” was the number one factor in deciding on a digital manufacturing solution.  In the survey, openness was identified as the key differentiator for UGS in this space.

"Investments in digital manufacturing initiatives by industrial companies are rapidly increasing as they see the tremendous benefits that are being demonstrated around the world.  We expect these investments to show growth in excess of 25 percent annually over the next three years,” said Ed Miller, president of CIMdata.  “UGS has taken a significant step in extending its open Teamcenter architecture into the manufacturing world with OMB.  With the history of legacy products and point applications in use at customers, this will certainly make Teamcenter Manufacturing an attractive proposition for customers to establish a backbone to support their digital manufacturing strategy.”

OMB launch marks UGS’ latest milestone in the company’s continuing leadership in the digital manufacturing market.  UGS has reported a nearly 100 percent increase in digital manufacturing-related revenue over the last four quarters.

Visiprise Applications Working Within OMB

Separately, Visiprise –a recognized leader in helping manufacturers manage and control global operations to improve product quality and compliance – today announced its adoption of OMB.  (See separate release.)  The two companies are currently working together on developing a fully-integrated, global digital manufacturing platform for a major aerospace industry company for manufacturing, assembly and testing of its products.

“The implementation of an integrated Teamcenter/Visiprise Manufacturing solution withour aerospace industry customer is designed to deliver a platform that will provide the customer with the benefit of complete visibility of data from design all the way through to production,” said Sean McCloskey, president and CEO of Visiprise.  “What enables our drive to deliver these benefits on our customer’s behalf is OMB’s ability to manage different applications, including ours, in an open environment.”

In addition to their current engagement, UGS and Visiprise are currently pursuing joint OMB contracts with more than a dozen Fortune 100 manufacturers.

“Visiprise is an example of an enterprise application that interoperates within OMB and is thus strategic to our customers,” said Chuck Grindstaff, executive vice president for PLM Products for UGS.  “This is the model for OMB to deliver the full value of PLM to manufacturers across the world.  No longer do customers have to determine which of their various applications owns which data or manage the laborious duty of keeping them all in sync.  OMB is the foundation that our customers have been looking for, because it does that work for them.”

About UGS

UGS is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services with more than 3.3 million licensed seats and 42,000 clients worldwide.  The company promotes openness and standardization and works collaboratively with its clients in creating enterprise solutions enabling them to transform their process of innovation and thus begin to capture the value of PLM. 

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