05 January 2018

Mentor’s Veloce Emulation Platform Helps Infineon Verify its AURIX™ Microcontroller Family

Mentor, a Siemens business, today announced that Infineon Technologies AG is using the Veloce® emulation platform to meet stringent verification requirements for both the hardware and software components of its automotive chip platforms. Infineon’s implementation is revolutionizing the automotive industry in every aspect of the driving experience.

In particular, Infineon used the Veloce emulation platform to complete pre- and post-silicon verification and validation of their AURIXTM multicore microcontroller. The product family forms key components in the automotive market, and the ideal platform for a wide range of automotive applications such as the control of combustion engines, electrical and hybrid vehicles, transmission systems, chassis domains, braking systems, electric power steering systems, airbags and advanced driver assistance systems.

“We consider emulation an essential technology for the verification and validation of our AURIX family and other Infineon IP,” said Michael Neuhaeuser, vice president, automotive microcontroller development at Infineon. “The work we have done with the Mentor emulation team enables Infineon to use high-quality design methodologies that help to reliably meet todays and future verification requirements, and reduce development cycles of our customers.”

Like many other emulation users, Infineon is focused on the verification areas associated with shifting the unsolved verification challenges so they can be resolved earlier in the design and verification flow. The Veloce product’s virtual emulation capability forms the cornerstone to help meet this verification requirement.

At Infineon, the Veloce emulation platform is used for:

  • Tester pattern and test program development
  • Validation pattern preparation and silicon debugging at SoC level
  • Fault injection for software testing
  • Power analysis support.

“Our work with Infineon shows that emulation brings a tremendous amount of benefit to the automotive market,” said Eric Selosse, vice president and general manager of Mentor’s Emulation Division. “In addition to new Veloce technologies on the horizon, we see a robust ecosystem of IP providers, software developers and Tier 1 OEMs joining together to exploit the power of emulation for full validation of systems.”

For more information on the Veloce Emulation Platform, please visit: https://www.mentor.com/products/fv/emulation-systems/

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Suzanne Graham