Generative Design

At a high-level, Generative Design is relatively simple. It is a capability of CAD applications that autonomously generates a number of design alternatives given a set number of constraints. This can be done without an engineer’s guidance or interaction, freeing them up for other tasks. Once complete, the engineers can choose which designs they want to explore more completely. In all, this accelerates the design process without detailed attention from the engineer.

Generative design examples

Examples of generative design produced with Siemens NX

Generative design and topology optimization

Generative design supports key capabilities like topology optimization for performing structural simulation and removing load-weight from empty area in materials. Siemens NX 12 is the only generative design software that embeds topology optimization powered by convergent modeling technology which enables unified 3D modeling capability on combinations of Facet and B-rep data. Resulting in lighter components without sacrificing design intent or integrity.

Empowering engineers with generative design and facet modeling

Generative design is an cad engineering software function in which a designer collaborates with artificial intelligence algorithms to generate and evaluate hundreds of potential designs for a product idea. The generative design process starts with defining the goals and constraints of the project. These include, but are not limited to, design parameters such as:

  • product size or geometric dimensions
  • permissible loads and operating conditions
  • target weight
  • materials
  • manufacturing methods
  • cost per unit

Benefits of building with generative design process

By using generative design, engineers can create and simulate thousands of designs (many of which they may not have envisioned on their own) in a fraction of the time it would normally take. As additional benefit, the generative design process can yield highly customized complex shapes as the best solutions – which can be cast or processed through high-resolution additive manufacturing.

Black Diamond Equipment Ltd.

Boundary-free product design

Black Diamond Equipment

A newcomer to the ski boot business used NX to create a freeride boot that outperforms products from companies with 50+ years of experience