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Digitalization for the Marine Industry

Fleet owners and operators are modernizing their fleets. Is your shipyard in a position to maximize its share of that market? Not if it is designing and building ships the same way it was five years ago. Our "Future Fleet" perspective demonstrates how you can increase shipbuilding innovation with shipbuilding software to design, engineer and build better and more affordable ships and maximize your share of future fleets.

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Engineering Data Management for Shipbuilding

This solution is crucial to designing, building and sustaining future fleets on-time, on-budget and on-performance. Additionally, it is essential for shipyards that plan to provide through-life service and support, and for fleet operating staffs who have similar responsibilities. Siemens PLM Software offers a multi-disciplinary approach to engineering data management that leverages integrated requirements management, secure supplier collaboration and an engineering management platform for all disciplines and stages of shipbuilding and ship lifecycle, up to decommissioning, which are crucial to better fleet availability and reliability and lower total ownership cost.

Composites for Shipbuilding

Composite Engineering and Manufacturing enables marine engineers to develop the most complex marine structures for the most challenging applications and ensures reasonable manufacturing efficiency and production yields.  With this solution, shipyards can be confident that their marine composites structures meet requirements for strength, weight and durability.  Additionally, the solution provides shipyards and marine service centers the capabilities to manufacture replacement composite structures.

Ship Program & Product Management

Program planning and execution excellence is essential to program profitability and winning new business. Leading shipbuilders must accelerate ship delivery, boost team productivity and use proven best practices to mitigate risk. Our systems approach to program planning and execution integrates cost, schedule and technical requirements. It is scalable to any program size, supporting both commercial and government programs.

Integrated Ship Design & Engineering

Modern shipbuilders must take advantage of the latest technology to accelerate the development of ships and offshore platforms, drive innovation and facilitate global collaboration. Our ship design and engineering solution enables design engineers to create and maintain 3D models in context of major ship modules, compartments, systems and locations. Composite structures and components, from mega-yachts and propellers to sonar domes, can be engineered and produced. Marine systems can be optimized with simulation, testing and engineering services.

Supply Chain Management

Shipyards rely on a global supply chain of partners and suppliers to design, develop, manufacture and test new ship concepts. An integrated and well-managed supply chain is crucial to the service and support of operating fleets. Our supply chain management solution enables a sustained, disciplined and systematic process for reducing the total costs of purchased materials, goods and services. Our solution enables shipbuilders to synchronize program activities and exchange data reliably and flexibly with suppliers and partners.

Digital Ship Construction

Construction planning and execution for ships and offshore platforms are complex projects. Leading shipyards can optimize process flows prior to production, implement lean practices at the start of new programs and avoid the cost of building expensive physical models. Our solution enables shipbuilders to digitally plan and execute the entire ship construction process.

Ship Service & Support

Ship maintenance costs make up 60 to 70 percent of the total lifecycle cost. Leading shipyards are focused on managing sustainability requirements and achieving continuous improvement in fleet availability, reliability and overhaul cycle reduction. Our ship service and support solution enables service engineers to define and optimize ship service procedures, and author service documentation within a ship lifecycle context.

Technical Publishing

By using PLM to integrate today’s ship design and technical publication domains, shipyards can dramatically improve the way in which content is created and managed across the product lifecycle for all documentation. Siemens PLM Software provides solutions that enable engineering design and technical publication groups to share information retained in different system repositories, re-use content and automate functions and processes common to both domains.

Ship Design

Transform your shipyard into a seamlessly integrated and synchronized enterprise linking designers, engineers, production specialists, support teams, partners and suppliers to optimize performance, maximize lifecycle productivity and sustain competitiveness. Our holistic shipbuilding solution spans the entire shipbuilding enterprise and lifecycle to enable shipbuilders to integrate their organizational knowledge, automate processes throughout the product lifecycle and improve efficiency, accuracy and execution to reduce time-to-delivery.

Production Planning & Engineering

Ship construction is a complex and lengthy process that demands careful planning and timely decision-making. Plan, optimize and validate ship construction processes before building. Use a broad range of tools to streamline your process planning workflows, automate non-value-added planning tasks and validate the best shipbuilding plan. These tools facilitate process design and sequencing, production BOM and BOP management, time management, 3D shipyard layout and ergonomic analysis. Control ship and production lifecycles from process planning and detailed engineering to full production by connecting the entire value chain to realize the best production strategy.

Piping Design for Shipbuilding

Today’s ships are far more complex systems to design, build and maintain throughout their lifecycle. Our solutions accelerate the development of modern ships and offshore structures so you can better respond to today’s demand for more energy-efficient, reliable and environmentally-friendly vessels with better overall performance and lower total operating costs. Reduce design time and improve quality of production with next-gen software for piping, equipment and systems design for ships and offshore structures.

Steel Outfitting Design

Accelerate the development of modern ships and offshore structures to respond to today’s demand for more energy-efficient, reliable and environmentally-friendly ships and offshore structures with high performance and low total operating costs. Reduce design times and improve quality of production with a next-gen software for design of steel outfitting parts and all mechanical equipment, components and systems for ships and offshore structures.

Ship Structures Design

Accelerate the development of modern ships and offshore structures to better respond to today’s demand for more energy-efficient, reliable and environmentally-friendly ships and offshore structures with better overall performance and lower total operating costs. Design your future ship or offshore structure with a next generation ship structures design software which can provide a focused environment for modeling and manufacturing complete structure of ships.

HVAC Design for Ships and Offshore Structures

HVAC systems are critical for ensuring the safety and comfort of crew members and passengers. Getting HVAC systems right can improve both energy requirements and internal space utilization. Reduce design time and energy consumption, improve production quality, and maximize available internal space with our next-generation software for designing HVAC equipment and systems for ships and offshore structures.

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