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Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment

Digitalization for Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment and industrial machines are more complex than ever. In an increasingly competitive market, companies must ensure innovation and manage complexity. Siemens PLM Software can help you build the right product, and build the product right.

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Compliance Management

Global heavy equipment manufacturers must be compliant with local, national and global governmental requirements for material source and selection, as well as safety and emissions in order to be competitive. Actively managing compliance records and tracing them to the individual component through the product lifecycle is the most effective method to insure your machinery is always compliant.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Our Supply Chain Collaboration solution for the Heavy Equipment Industry provides an easy-to-use, secure platform for interacting with suppliers, even those outside of your PLM environment.

Tool Cost Management

Our Product Cost Management Solution for the Mold, Tool and Die Industry provides tooling manufacturers with the ability to select profiles and locations from a master database which enables you to leverage preconfigured information like specifications, manufacturing techniques, and hourly rates.

Project Management

Our Project Lifecycle Management solution for the Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment industries provides a platform for Program Management, Project Management and Product Lifecycle Management to be combined with features for managing the Project and Product Portfolio in an integrated manner. This holistic approach is combining information otherwise found in separate systems to provide better insight to all relevant details, providing machine builders with the ability to build more engineered to order and configured to order machines with high demands for customization and increased speed of delivery.

IoT & Lifecycle Analytics

Leverage the Internet of Things to collect information from machinery in the field, mine and construction site, the "physical twin". Combine this with engineering insight contained in the Digital Enterprise Platform, the "digital twin", to gain insights necessary for achieving a competitive advantage.

Engineering Data Management

Industrial machinery and heavy equipment manufacturing is becoming more complex due to increasing requirements of embedded software and electronics content. Manage multi-disciplinary machinery and equipment engineering teams with an integrated approach to engineering lifecycle management that integrates requirements management, secure supplier collaboration and an engineering management platform that combines mechanical, electronic, software and simulation data in a single collaborative environment.

Next Generation Machine Design

Deliver greater innovation in your machinery solutions with increasing mechatronic content, comprehensive 3D product design, integrated simulation and unmatched data management capabilities. Bring your custom machinery to customer acceptance faster, with higher quality and greater margins, by implementing our broad and deep solution suite.

Next Generation Heavy Equipment Design

Deliver greater innovation at higher quality and lower cost with comprehensive 3D product design. Our integrated and intuitive solution suite, with broad and deep, best-in-class capabilities, allows your design team to explore multiple machine or mechanism solution approaches and quickly arrive at the most cost-effective, innovative, functional products. Quickly deliver innovative construction, mining and agricultural machinery with a comprehensive 3D design suite. Build larger, more sophisticated and comprehensive models that encompass all design features to overcome challenges of validating multi-configuration requirements.

Technical Publishing

The amount of complexity inside Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment is growing at a pace never seen before thanks to Industry 4.0, customization and globalization. Bringing your document development and management processes into your PLM environment enables you to address this complexity with a more efficient and accurate development process that avoids the duplication errors and out-of-date information caused by manual, paper based tasks. This solution also enables you to generate more rich 2D and 3D content, making it easier to give end users information in the media they choose.

Additive Engineering & Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing enables manufacturers to reduce new product costs by consolidating subassemblies into more efficient individual parts, and to accelerate delivery and avoid upfront tooling costs for obsolete service parts. Siemens PLM Software provides an integrated solution for additive engineering and manufacturing that allows you to quickly reimagine products, retool manufacturing and rethink business models to create breakthrough products and transform your business. The streamlined, digitalized process from design model to printed part eliminates the need to translate and remodel parts between applications.

Machine Performance Engineering for Heavy Equipment

Equipment manufacturers are challenged with differentiating product offerings to meet individual customer needs across markets. While reliability and durability are essential criteria in machine design, a focus on machine performance, cost of ownership, operability and user comfort are increasingly critical to accommodate mass customization while ensuring a short lead time. Siemens PLM Software offers a closed loop simulation and test solution that goes beyond simple verification to performance prediction by combining simulation, physical testing and data analytics to spot unforeseen issues in part and assembly design.

Advanced Machine Engineering for Industrial Machinery

Machinery manufacturers must employ advanced multi-disciplinary techniques and move from a serial development process to deliver designs that meet or exceed customer expectations.They must also ensure that all downstream design implications (CNC, commissioning) are considered during the early stages of product development to meet challenging time-to-market demands. The Siemens PLM Software solution for advanced machine engineering enables a modular machine design process encompassing multiple disciplines, and a comprehensive engineering process management solution that is critical to addressing complexity.

Collaborative Manufacturing for Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment manufacturers are facing global challenges with increasing regional emissions regulations, customer buying criteria, multiple configurations, and the growing requirements for software and electronics. To address these challenges, we provide a unified, open Digital Enterprise Industry Solution that enables collaborative manufacturing across your global product development and manufacturing organizations. Our solution enables you to shift the design and development of manufacturing processes upstream so that they can be interlocked with product design and development on an open Digital Enterprise Platform, enabling you to manage individual product and regional manufacturing location needs and ensuring a consistent process to deliver quality.

Cabin Interior Design

Deliver innovation at lower cost with comprehensive 3D cabin design. Our integrated suite of broad, deep, best-in-class capabilities enable design teams to balance operator functionality and safety with comfort and style. Our solution for cabin design enables the development of intuitive, flexible cab configurations with distinctive style and brand identity.

Part Manufacturing & Quality

Part manufacturers are under pressure to improve profitability on existing business and attract new projects for added revenue. While some manufacturers may have taken steps to address these concerns, their efforts have not been enough. Current digital technology only automates some steps of the manufacturing process using independent applications, resulting in a disconnected process and interrupted information flow. Our manufacturing solution offers a comprehensive set of fully integrated tools for part manufacturing, including CAD/CAM, robotics, CNC machining, CMM inspection and 3D printing.

Product Cost Management

Machine and equipment costs are under constant pressure and increasingly stringent governmental regulations. Customized user specifications around the globe affect delivery, costing and quality control processes in the industrial machinery and heavy equipment industry. Our solutions help deliver a competitive advantage through an effective, sophisticated product cost solution that integrates a world class PLM program with precise cost management tools.

Compliance Management

Global heavy equipment manufacturers must be compliant with local, national and global governmental requirements for material source and selection, as well as safety and emissions in order to be competitive. Actively managing compliance records and tracing them to the individual component through the product lifecycle is the most effective method to insure your machinery is always compliant.

Composites Engineering & Manufacturing

Take advantage of weight reduction and style advantages of composite parts for mining, construction and agriculture machinery by leveraging our advanced, integrated, proven solutions for advanced composite part development. Enable your engineering and manufacturing teams to confidently design and build with composites, knowing that our model-based definition, simulation and manufacturing solutions help them meet customer requirements.

IoT & Lifecycle Analytics (Shop Floor)

Our IoT and Lifecycle Analytics Solution for the Industrial Machinery industry can combine diverse data sources and fragment information to help your customer influence design, product innovation and improved performance. From design and development of the machines, through manufacturing, delivery and end customer use, advanced analytics are required every step of the way.

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