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Energy & Utilities

Digitalization for the Energy and Utilities Industry

Siemens PLM Software offers energy and utilities owners and operators, utility service companies and equipment manufacturers a broad suite of best practice-driven software solutions that facilitate supply chain collaboration in the design, construction, maintenance and retirement of mission-critical energy and utilities assets.

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Part Planning & Simulation

Part manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to improve profitability while also attracting new projects in an industry focused on innovation and sensitive to pricing. With increasing global competition for projects, manufacturers must wring out every last drop of efficiency and productivity. Often digital technology only automates some steps of the manufacturing process, resulting in disconnected processes and interrupted information workflows. Our manufacturing solutions offer a comprehensive set of fully integrated tools for part manufacturing, from CAD/CAM, robotics, CNC machining and CMM inspection, to the latest 3D printing technologies.

IoT & Lifecycle Analytics

Energy and utility equipment OEMs, owner-operators and their EPC contractors are constantly evaluating new technologies, such as the “Internet of Things,” to reduce their total cost of ownership. Siemens PLM Software combines the “physical twin” of a product or asset in the field with its corresponding virtual or “digital twin” to allow all stakeholders to gain valuable performance insights that lead to innovation and competitive advantage.

Product Cost Management

With commodity prices well off their past highs, increasingly stringent governmental regulations and customized user specifications worldwide are affecting delivery, costing and quality control processes in the energy and utilities industry. Our effective, sophisticated product cost solution integrates a world-class PLM program with precise cost management tools.

Compliance Management

Our environmental compliance management solutions for the energy and utilities industry serve as an effective and rapid response to the global quest to protect our planet and its inhabitants. Our solutions support sustainability at every phase in the product lifecycle, including eco-design initiatives. By reducing costs, adhering to and surpassing regulatory requirements while serving as responsible corporate citizens, companies can grow their business sustainably while fostering a culture that promotes innovation and 'doing the right thing'.

Engineering Lifecycle Management

Energy equipment manufacturing is becoming more complex with increasing requirements for embedded software and electronics content. Our integrated approach to engineering lifecycle management includes capabilities such as integrated requirements management and secure supplier collaboration, built on a multidisciplinary engineering management platform that combines mechanical, electronic, software and simulation data in a unified environment.

Technical Publishing

Increasingly unique customer requirements and constantly evolving regulatory environments are affecting delivery and cost in the energy and utilities market. Create a competitive advantage by syncronizing your product development and technical content management processes to get more value from your PLM environment.

Engineer To Order

The Engineer to Order (ETO) equipment business requires a substantial engineering effort in both sales proposal and order fulfillment processes. These efforts are time-consuming, expensive and can often be error-prone. Siemens PLM Software provides a powerful rules-based, CAD-neutral authoring environment that automates high quality sales proposal generation and feeds production with rich deliverables to produce orders.

Plant Module Design

Deliver innovation and quality at lower cost with comprehensive 3D modular plant and equipment design capabilities for all energy industry verticals. Our 3D CAD solutions provide a fully integrated and intuitive suite of broad and deep, best-in-class capabilities. Combine a data-centric approach to modular plant design with full configuration management and manufacturing modeling to dramatically improve efficiency at the digital fabrication facility. Our Digital Enterprise Industry Solutions improve the predictability and profitability of your project execution enterprise.

Composite Engineering & Manufacturing

Siemens supports the highly complex end-to-end design, analysis and manufacturing processes that come with engineered composites in today’s energy and utilities industry. We offer proven solutions for developing advanced composite parts, such as wind turbine blades, which require highly concurrent engineering processes. As a recognized thought leader providing decades of industry leadership, Siemens PLM Software is uniquely positioned as the only proven solution provider to create industry-specific, end-to-end composite design and manufacturing systems for energy industry applications.

Equipment Assembly Planning & Simulation

Energy and utilities equipment manufacturers and modular fabrication and construction companies are innovating to deliver efficient and effective products and modular plant designs against global competition in a complex regulatory environment.

Equipment Design

Deliver greater innovation at higher quality and lower cost with comprehensive 3D product design capabilities for all energy industry verticals. Our 3D CAD solutions provide a fully integrated and intuitive solution suite of broad and deep, best-in-class capabilities.

Formula Design Management for Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

Our solution is flexible, intuitive, modular and out-of-the-box. All facets of the development process are managed centrally. New products are developed efficiently based on each input material’s characteristics. Multiple formulations can be created, compared and assessed against requirements. Simulation of product characteristics is critical. Candidates can be produced on a batch level, and samples are collected and tested in the lab based on quality parameters.

Laboratory Management for Chemical & Petrochemical Industries

Chemical and petrochemical R&D teams and production labs are constantly challenged to innovate and develop new, high-quality products at lower costs while meeting the needs for improved health, safety and environmental impact. Our laboratory information management solution digitalizes the R&D process, optimizing the development of innovative, high-quality products, managing traceable processes and information flows, and aligning all R&D processes to directly support more successful new product launches

Integrated Quality Management

Asset integrity is a critical issue facing producers, Owner-Operators and Equipment Manufacturers. A failure can lead to an incident such as a pipeline spill which, regardless of the company responsible, damages the environment and the reputation of the entire Energy & Utilities industry. Our integrated quality management solution gives you the ability to improve quality and reduce costs along the entire asset lifecycle. This solution helps you become best-in-class with regard to regulatory compliance, quality and operational effectiveness.

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