Energy & Utilities

Digitalization for the Energy and Utilities Industry

Siemens Digital Industries Software offers energy and utilities owners and operators, utility service companies, and equipment manufacturers a broad suite of best practice-driven software solutions that facilitate supply chain collaboration in the design, construction, maintenance and retirement of mission-critical energy and utilities assets.

Energy & Utilities

Digitalization for the Energy and Utilities Industry

Siemens Digital Industries Software offers energy and utilities owners and operators, utility service companies, and equipment manufacturers a broad suite of best practice-driven software solutions that facilitate supply chain collaboration in the design, construction, maintenance and retirement of mission-critical energy and utilities assets.

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Capital Asset Lifecycle Management

Adopt a lifecycle approach to centralizing, managing, and controlling your capital project and asset information.

Requirements Management for Energy & Utilities

Requirements describe what the customer will buy to meet their needs and include things such as asset performance, compliance, quality, and service life. Requirements management in the Energy & Utilities industry is critical on capital projects and essential for closed-loop interaction between Equipment Manufacturers, EPCs, and Owner-Operators.

Integrated Program Planning & Execution

Consistent program planning and execution excellence are essential to the success of Energy & Utilities capital projects. We provide a systems approach to program planning and execution by integrating cost, schedule and technical requirements in a fully planned, resourced and budgeted program management solution. It is easy to maintain and scale to energy, chemical, and petrochemical programs of any size. It increases the probability of executing programs on cost and schedule and provides an integrated system to manage all program artifacts including cost, schedule, and technical requirements.

Intellectual Property Management

Companies across the Energy & Utilities industry can fully leverage their intellectual property (IP) portfolio and maximize reuse with our unified solutions for IP Management. This proven solution can help teams reduce cycle times, decrease costs, and remove risks around compliance and litigation.

Engineer to Order

The complexity and variability of engineered-to-order (ETO) equipment in the Energy & Utilities industry is increasing. Our solution supports the entire lifecycle from planning and engineering through manufacturing to execution and field service.

Safety & Operational Reliability

Energy Equipment OEM’s are relying more and more on their supply chain for sub-system design while they focus on systems engineering and integration to improve overall product reliability and diagnostic capabilities. This, combined with the growing trend from Owner-Operators to prefer pay-for-use contracting, makes designing for reliable and predictable performance critical to control risk. Our solution for safety and operational reliability enables this by increasing system reliability while decreasing maintenance and sustainment costs, and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Verification Management for Energy & Utilities

Our verification management solution helps Energy & Utility companies achieve faster time to certification and completion. It provides a single, integrated environment that ensures all verification events, whether simulated or physical tests, are driven by requirements and are planned and executed in the correct sequence. It also links individual tests and analyses to the necessary resources while providing full traceability across the lifecycle of the project.

Software Process & Data Management for Energy & Utilities

The need to design and produce industry-leading, intelligent Energy & Utilities products and equipment today requires the use of embedded software combined with innovative multi-domain designs. Our solution for software process and data management uses a systems-driven development approach that combines systems engineering with integrated software and product engineering and is critical in order to achieve the high level of performance and reliability that today’s customers demand.

Simulation & Testing for Nuclear Power Generation

The nuclear industry is in a crisis with falling profits, budget overruns, and reactor shutdowns. Tightening regulations require a need to streamline plant licensing while growing competition from renewables and cheaper gas demand improved plant economics. Innovative reactor technologies and faster development is the need of the hour for nuclear manufacturers. Our extensive simulation tools enable the nuclear industry to optimize the design, construction and operation of the next generation of nuclear plants through the digitalization of the design cycle.

Gas Turbine Simulation

Increasing efficiency, ensuring reliability, and reducing cost are the three main drivers in gas turbine design. Successfully achieving these requires innovative designs for every part of the workflow.  Our solutions provide a set of engineering tools designed specifically to speed up gas turbine projects & enable disruptive technology.

Simulation & Test for Oil & Gas

More than ever before, companies in the oil & gas industry must adopt innovative approaches to product development, testing, and operations to succeed in a rapidly changing energy industry. Companies that lead with engineering simulation throughout the lifecycle of their equipment and systems develop better products faster and operate more efficient, safer oil and gas facilities.

Simulation & Test for Process Industry Applications

Operational excellence and innovation are critical requirements to lead and succeed in today’s chemical and petrochemical processing industries. Our integrated simulation solutions for multi-physics and test will enable your engineering teams to predict process performance, optimize for energy and process efficiency, reduce byproducts and waste, and troubleshoot sub-optimal processes.

Additive Engineering & Manufacturing for Energy & Utilities

Additive manufacturing is enabling Energy & Utility Equipment Manufacturers, EPCs, and Owner-Operators to reshape everything for optimal performance at a reduced cost. Industrializing additive manufacturing empowers companies to increase innovation and product performance while reducing production costs.

Supply Chain Collaboration for Energy & Utilities

Our supplier integration tools and solutions provide a comprehensive approach to managing interactions with suppliers to address your business requirements across the energy, chemical, and petrochemical industries. Our solution provides an easy-to-use, secure platform for interacting with suppliers, even those outside your PLM environment. A “one size fits all” solution is no longer viable in this age of globalization and facility and or operations complexity. You can count on our solutions to support multiple use cases including design data exchange, direct materials sourcing, and supplier program management.

Module Assembly Planning & Simulation

The importance of planning, optimizing, and validating manufacturing processes before production starts is critical for success in an industry with increasing modularization. EPCs and equipment manufacturers in the energy and utilities industry can take control of the equipment and production lifecycle to meet increasing customer and market demands.

Our modular assembly planning solution provides a broad range of tools to streamline process planning workflows, automate nonvalue-added planning tasks, and validate the best plan for making equipment. It digitalizes the asset and production lifecycle from process planning and detailed engineering to full production by connecting the entire manufacturing value chain, helping to build the best production strategy.

Manufacturing Process & Data Management

In order to innovate faster while reducing costs, Energy & Utility manufacturers must concurrently create and validate product and equipment designs, and at the same time plan and optimize how they will be manufactured and produced.  This saves time and increases the value of each decision as information interrelationships are leveraged by a broader audience to arrive at better decisions faster.

Factory Layout, Line Design & Optimization for Energy & Utilities

Leverage facility layout and optimization tools that allow design, layout, and configuration of Energy & Utility production environments, as well as optimize equipment and line operations using 3D facility models.

Production Planning & Scheduling for Energy & Utilities

Planning is critical to the long-term success of facilities and field operations, and it begins well before production starts. Our solution provides a suite of tools to help planners from Owner-Operators to Equipment OEMs of all sizes analyze change, decide, and act. Planners can analyze complex situations, taking into account a range of constraints and business rules, to generate and evaluate multiple scenarios so they can react quickly and intelligently to changes.

Integrated Quality Management for Energy & Utilities

Asset integrity is a critical issue facing producers, Owner-Operators and Equipment Manufacturers. A failure can lead to an incident such as a pipeline spill which, regardless of the company responsible, damages the environment and the reputation of the entire Energy & Utilities industry. Our integrated quality management solution gives you the ability to improve quality and reduce costs along the entire asset lifecycle. This solution helps you become best-in-class with regard to regulatory compliance, quality and operational effectiveness.

In-Service Lifecycle Management

From oilfields and offshore platforms to chemical and petro-chemical processing facilities, in-service management of equipment and facilities is imperative to successful, safe, and reliable production in the Energy & Utilities industry.

Technical Publishing for Energy & Utilities

Improve the quality and accuracy of your technical documentation.

IoT & Lifecycle Analytics for Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utility Equipment OEMs, Owner-Operators, and their EPC contractors are constantly evaluating new technologies, such as the “Internet of Things,” to reduce their total cost of ownership. Our solution for IoT and lifecycle analytics, combines the “physical twin” of a product or asset in the field with its corresponding virtual or “digital twin” to allow all stakeholders to gain valuable performance insights that provide the opportunity for innovation and competitive advantage.

Engineering Lifecycle Management

Energy & Utilities industry equipment manufacturing is becoming more complex with the increasing requirements of embedded software and electronics content. Many manufacturers face challenges in adapting efficiently to these new and ever- changing needs. Our solutions enable multi-disciplinary equipment engineering teams with an integrated approach to engineering lifecycle management. This includes capabilities such as integrated requirements management and secure supplier collaboration built on a multi-disciplinary engineering management platform that combines mechanical, electronic, software and simulation data into a single collaborative environment.

Plant Module Design

Deliver greater innovation at higher quality and lower cost with our comprehensive 3D plant moduler and equipment design solutions for the Energy & Utilities industry. Our 3D CAD solutions provide a fully integrated and intuitive suite of broad and deep, best in class capabilities. They combine a data-centric approach to modular plant design with full configuration management to dramatically improve efficiencies at the fabrication facility.

Compliance Management

Support sustainability and substance control at every phase of the asset lifecycle, including eco-design initiatives.

Equipment Design

Deliver greater innovation at higher quality and lower cost with comprehensive 3D product design capabilities for all Energy & Utilities industry verticals. Our 3D CAD solutions provide a fully integrated and intuitive solution suite of broad and deep, best-in-class capabilities. We enable your design teams to explore multiple design approaches so you can stay ahead of customer demands in rapidly changing industries like shale oil and renewable power generation. Quickly arrive at the most cost-effective, innovative, and functional products that today’s Energy & Utility Owner-Operators demand to keep their operations both competitive and compliant.

Composite Engineering and Manufacturing for Energy & Utilities

Our composite engineering and manufacturing solution supports the highly complex end-to-end design, analysis and manufacturing processes that come with engineered composites in today’s Energy & Utilities industry. We offer proven solutions for developing advanced composite parts, such as wind turbine blades, which require concurrent engineering processes. As a recognized thought leader providing decades of industry leadership, we are uniquely positioned as the only proven solution provider to create industry-specific, end-to-end composite design and manufacturing systems for energy industry applications.

Assembly Planning

Optimize, validate and take control of your energy equipment and plant module manufacturing processes across the entire product lifecycle. Our wide range of tools help streamline and automate every phase in the production lifecycle. Automate tasks, validate part and portfolio planning and facilitate design sequencing and modification. Connect and optimize the entire manufacturing value chain to allow energy equipment manufacturing organizations to execute world-class production strategies and consistently deliver quality.

Part planning & simulation for equipment manufacturers

Our part planning, simulation and manufacturing solution offers a comprehensive set of fully integrated tools for part manufacturing.

Laboratory Management

Chemical and petrochemical R&D teams and production labs are constantly challenged to innovate and develop new, high-quality products at lower costs while meeting the needs for improved health, safety, and environmental impact. Our laboratory information management solution digitalizes the R&D process, optimizing the development of innovative, high-quality products, managing traceable processes and information flows, and aligning all R&D processes to directly support more successful new product launches.

Formula Design Management

Centrally manage all facets of the formula design process to ensure they meet all requirements and quality parameters.

Heat transfer simulation

Only the best simulation tools have the validated capability to capture all of the physics required to accurately predict the thermal-hydraulic performance of a cooling system over the full range of operating scenarios required to demonstrate the safety and efficiency of a nuclear reactor.

Waste Management

With timescales of many thousands of years, only comprehensive thermo-mechanical simulation of the structural, heat transfer, and radiation behavior of storage can provide public confidence and financial security into proposed spent-fuel storage and disposal solutions.

Advanced Reactor Design

The commissioning of a new nuclear reactor requires extensive simulation, both to demonstrate the safety and economic viability of new concepts and also to accelerate the lengthy licensing process. This process is dependent on simulation tools that can efficiently and accurately model multidimensional flow and thermal behavior in place of legacy simulation tools. Ideally, these tools should be able to represent all complex reactor systems in the construction of a "digital twin" or "virtual reactor model."

Blade Cooling

Simcenter provides a paradigm shift in simulating aerodynamics and heat transfer for gas turbines. Our multi-physics and timescales capabilities, combined with tools designed to mesh the most complex geometries, give you more accurate answers and greater engineering insight. Simulate and predict external aerodynamics, internal cooling, solid temperatures and even solid stresses in one package.


The combustor is the heart of a turbine, and achieving high efficiency is vital for operating in today's energy market. Our multi-physics solutions can simulate all aspects of combustion. Predict operating temperatures, flame shapes and emissions with confidence, investigate new fuel sources, and optimize designs via a virtual combustion chamber.

Downhole Tools & Wellbore Operations

Engineers must combine innovation and functionality in design with reliability and efficiency to ensure safe and successful drilling and production operations. Based on the Digital Twin approach, our solutions offer the ability to predict and assess mechanical, electronics and control behavior through the entire lifecycle of your product.  Based on a combination of system simulation, 3-D Computer-Aided Engineering (including Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis) and physical testing, our solutions help you lead your design and operations with simulation.

Flow Assurance & Subsea

Designing equipment for subsea installations and effectively operating those assets requires a high level of capability to ensure safety and regulatory compliance along with peak performance. In such challenging environments, leveraging the digital twin of your physical asset provides a massive advantage in terms of modeling and understanding both normal and variable operating behavior. Our multi-physics simulation and CAE solutions provide robust capabilities that help you manage and optimize performance while controlling risk.

Marine & Offshore

Our solutions provide engineers with the ability to design better offshore systems through the use of simulation-based digital twins. Develop virtual representations of your offshore platforms and floating structures to inform and lead the design and operational decisions.

Process & Separation

Consistently achieving optimal asset and process performance is critical to maximizing production and facility utilization rates in order to meet demanding revenue targets. Our solutions allow industry innovators to apply integrated, multidisciplinary, model-based simulation to the digital twin of their physical assets to help them identify areas for process performance improvement, as well as to predict and address operational issues.

Process Safety

Process safety has never been a more critical requirement as businesses seek to maximize performance from their energy & utility equipment, systems, and operations. Industry leaders are leveraging the digital twin of their physical assets in order to model and analyze multidisciplinary performance characteristics, allowing them to understand the impact and risks of higher stress operating conditions on process safety.

Transportation & Refining

Use model-based systems engineering to predict and optimize asset and facility performance more accurately.

High Temperature Processes & Heat Transfer

Innovate around high temperature and combustion processes to maximize design and performance efficiency.

Particulate Processes

Simulate coupled particulate and fluid flow revealing valuable insights.

Mixing & Stirred Reactors

Apply multiphysics simulation to answer many of the questions associated with mixing and stirred reactors.

Complex Rheology

Numerous Energy & Utility industry segments work with processes that include non-Newtonian fluids with complex rheological properties. Our solutions simulate industrial mixing to design and optimize processes such as extrusion, co-extrusion, thermoforming, and static mixing for non-Newtonian materials that have complex rheological characteristics.

Flow Distribution & Separation Processes

Understanding the performance of your flow distribution and separation processes is important to optimize and improve plant and equipment operations. It’s also a necessary component for troubleshooting your systems when performance issues need to be identified and addressed. Our multiphase and computational fluid dynamics simulation solutions provide you with powerful diagnostic tools to quickly and accurately model and understand your system's behavior.

Digital Mockup & Design Review

Owner-Operators and EPCs face ongoing pressure to deliver facilities to meet the performance, safety, and compliance needs of the Energy & Utilities industry.  Our digital mockup and design review solutions enable teams across the energy supply chain to assemble, visualize, and analyze equipment models to detect issues early. Detecting and resolving issues before manufacturing begins greatly reduces costs and speeds time to operations.

Digital Mockup & Design Review for Equipment Manufacturers

Equipment Manufacturers in the Energy & Utilities industry face ongoing pressure to deliver assets with ever increasing complexity to meet the performance, safety, and compliance needs of Owner-Operators and EPCs.  Our digital mockup and design review solutions enable design teams to assemble, visualize, and analyze equipment models to detect issues early and resolve them before manufacturing begins.

Product Design & Engineering

Deliver greater innovation with higher quality for less cost with comprehensive 3D product design tools. Our integrated and intuitive product design and engineering solution suite with broad and deep, best-in-class capabilities allows your design team to explore multiple optimized approaches and quickly arrive at the most cost-effective, innovative, functional products that customers will want to use, and do it faster!

Digital Lifecycle Excellence

The Energy & Utilities industry is challenged with more dynamic markets, evolving technology, and significant changes to public policy and regulatory frameworks

Operational Excellence

When it comes to achieving operational excellence, data is a key enabler. Our solutions are designed to help energy companies create a fully connected digital plant that continuously optimizes systems and processes in real-time, providing new insights into operational performance and sustainability to power business outcomes and innovation.

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