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Electronics & Semiconductors

Digitalization for the Electronics and Semiconductors Industry

Electronics and semiconductor companies need pre-configured software solutions based on industry best practices to achieve excellence in new product development and introduction (NPDI). By shortening innovation and development cycles, enabling collaboration across and through supply chains and creating a closed loop, intelligent and integrated manufacturing environment, our electronics and semiconductor Digital Enterprise Industry Solutions allow companies to leverage data across multiple domains, improving quality and profitability while reducing time-to-market and costs.

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IoT & Lifecycle Analytics

Leverage the 'Internet of Things' to integrate performance and usage information from consumer and industrial electronic devices into product development and introduction processes to improve product availability and performance.

Multi-Discipline Data Management for Electronics

Manage multi-disciplinary engineering teams with an integrated approach to engineering lifecycle management that leverages integrated requirements management, secure supplier collaboration and an engineering management platform that combines mechanical, electronic and software co-design and co-simulation in a single collaborative environment.

Electro-Mechanical Design

Get the right products to market faster and exceed customer expectations with our best-in-class design solution for consumer & industrial electronics.

Semiconductor Equipment Design

We understand electro-mechanical design’s challenging service entry requirements. In response, we have the best-in-class design solution to enable semiconductor equipment OEMs to get the right products to market faster and exceed customer expectations.

Technical Publishing

Bring your document development and management processes into your PLM environment, keeping technical publications up-to-date with product changes and directly using engineering source data. A structured interface with advanced authoring and publishing tools reduces the effort to generate accurate, effective documents that can be tailored by market, language or product. Use this solution to gain the competitive advantage you need to succeed in today's global market.

Supplier Collaboration & Management for Electronics

Enable traceability from OEM requirements to each and every supplier. Achieve closed loop communications while protecting IP and meeting export controls.

Closed Loop Quality Management for Electronics

Optimize and simplify business processes by standardizing and unifying quality related processes and workflows throughout your entire organization.

Cost & Compliance Risk Management for Electronics

“Shift left” manufacturing planning to ensure cost, schedule and safety goals are achieved with fully integrated factory.

Electro-Mechanical Design for Electronic Manufacturing Services

Get the right products to market faster and exceed customer expectations with our best-in-class design solution for semiconductor equipment OEMs.

Home Appliance Design

Get the right products to market faster and exceed customer expectations with our best-in-class design solution for home appliance OEMs.

Product Cost Management

Optimize your NPDI cost management process with our Digital Enterprise Industry Solutions for electronics & semiconductor that combine the power of the world’s leading global Digital Enterprise Platform with sophisticated product cost management tools all in one system. Improve management, visibility and insight into product cost drivers, including components, materials, logistics, labor, machines, processes and product unit volumes, providing opportunities for cost optimization.

Environmental Compliance Management for Electronics

Electronics manufacturers are constantly under strict environmental regulations and typically subject to export law, which can increase supply chain costs and expose companies to significant fines and brand erosion in case of noncompliance. Our solution maximizes the visibility of regulation compliance status in all stages of the product lifecycle by integrating material data into the product lifecycle, creating a sustainability framework to address current and future environmentally-related needs.

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